The Jado brand of faucets, filters and shower systems is an upscale brand that is designed by European engineers who are dedicated to creating the best products with unique features that are sure to please any discerning consumer looking for the best in shower systems and faucets. The brand offers a full line of features with innovative technologies, including a ceramic disc valve technology that prevents leaking and brass construction for durability and beauty rolled into one. Jado offers a lifetime warranty on its products so you can buy with confidence and enjoy your faucets and shower systems for many years to come.

Jado entered the United States market in the mid 1990s and it has become a standard-setting company in the shower and faucet industry. The brand is only available in select showrooms across the country which feature upscale plumbing fixtures that are as decorative as they are functional.

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Jado designs and manufactures a full line of kitchen faucets that are sure to fit the needs of any kitchen. Choose from filter faucets, single handle faucets, kitchen pullouts and even bar faucets. Saffron faucets are a popular collection of kitchen faucets for Jado because of their unique and functional design. These high-arch faucets are perfect for washing those large pots and other tall dishes. Other options in the line of Jado kitchen faucets include the Coriander culinary faucet which is a high-arch faucet with a detachable head or the Victorian single-lever pullout kitchen faucet, just to name a couple. With many of the faucets in the line, you can also choose between brushed nickel, ultra steel, polished chrome and old bronze so there is definitely something available to complement and fit in with your kitchen's decor.

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Jado Kitchen Faucet

Jado offers a full line of decorative and upscale shower faucets to fit every type of decor from the Victorian era to modern-day designs. Choose from a classic and functional design that is practical and unassuming to something more unique and modern that will be sure to be a conversation starter with guests. Jado showerheads and faucets have adjustable temperature controls and they are available in polished chrome, antique or platinum nickel and old bronze finishes to help blend in with any decor or to stand out as a focus of the shower area. Ceramic disc valve cartridges help prevent leaking for a lifetime of hassle-free showers.

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Jado provides several shower system faucets designed to balance the pressure during your shower for an enjoyable and refreshing showering experience each time. The pressure balance technology is designed to push out the optimal amount of water for your shower while maintaining a balanced pressure for the ultimate feeling. Jado helps you get the most from your showers and the pressure balancing system is just one way you can enjoy getting clean each day.

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For a truly unique look for your bathtub, the Jado Roman Tub Faucetry collection is the way to go. These minimalist designs are unmistakably European with simple spouts and mounted temperature and pressure controls. Some models even come with a removable showerhead for those days when a shower is all you need. These Roman-style faucets combine the style of the Old World with modern practical designs and one example includes Jado's innovative ceramic disc valve cartridge. This technology keeps the faucet from leaking and the lifetime warranty offers a sense of confidence in the product so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

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Jado Roman Tub Faucetry

Jado's line of lavatory faucets are as unique as they are innovative. Choose from a sleek and curvy design like the Borma Widespread Lavatory Set which curves high above the bathroom sink or a lavatory faucet that sits right above the sink like the Jean Nouvel single-hole electronic lavatory faucet. This particular product has preset options for optimal temperature control and a unique flat design that will be sure to be a focal point of any lavatory. You can also choose from a variety of dual-handle lavatory faucets by Jado or single-handle faucets depending on your preference. Finishes include polished chrome, ultra steel, diamond, platinum nickel and others depending on you choice of faucet.

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The Jado brand offers a number of faucetry collections to give your kitchen or bathroom the ultra-designed look. The company's collections include the 818 Series, Jean Nouvel, Wynd 816, Hatteras, New Classic, Victorian and many more. You can combine collections which complement each other or choose one collection to round out your kitchen or bathroom design.

Jado 818 Series

The 818 Series by Jado is a throwback to yesteryear with classic designs and practical functionality. Complete your bathroom's design with various accessories and faucets from the 818 Series, including the 818 Series tissue holder, widespread faucet with lever handles, Roman tub set with hand share and the pressure balance tub and shower set. Finishes include platinum or brushed nickel.

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Jado Hatteras

The Jado Hatteras Collection has an upscale design with a nautical feel. The brass-like finish makes these faucet fixtures and accessories look like they have been spent years in the sun and salty air for a truly unique appearance. Or, if you are not going for the nautical look, choose one of the other finishes for these accessories, including brushed nickel, antique nickel or platinum nickel. Get the complete collection which includes a 6-inch towel ring, the Hatteras low-spout Roman tub set, the pressure balanced tub and shower set and the single-level monoblock vessel faucet to give your bathroom and shower the look of a professional design.

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Jado Glance

For a modern and aesthetically pleasing design for your bathroom, Jado's Glance Collection has you covered. Despite the minimalist appearance of these unique and innovative fixtures, the faucets and accessories in this collection will inspire you each time you step into your bathroom. Choose from the Glance pressure balanced tub and shower set along with the Glance robe hook and widespread lavatory faucet or one of the other fixtures designed to complement your bathroom's overall design. Finishes include ultra steel or platinum nickel for a sleek and classic look.

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