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Kohler Kitchen Faucets : The most popular kichen faucet collections Vinnata, Forte, Coralais, & Simplice.

An active kitchen is constantly urging to push beyond limitations, and Kohler satisfies with faucets that multi-task in functionality, artistry and durability. Used more than any other culinary tool or kitchen appliance, a faucet with all-metal construction, PVD finishing processes that resist corrosion and tarnishing, and technology like MasterClean for keeping spray faces from calcium buildup, Kohler faucets are built to last day after day, year after year. All that usefulness and the fixtures still retain an artful air of indulgence with styles that blend ergonomic functionality with the beauty of our historical and progressive impulses.

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Kohler Kitchen Kohler Kitchen

In the best kitchens, style and function blend like the flavors and aromas of your favorite culinary creations. That's why all KOHLER kitchen faucets in a vast range of styles, colors and materials. They're designed to be both functional and beautiful. And because the kitchen is a demanding environment, Kohler faucets are constructed from solid brass and zinc die-cast for years of exceptional performance. Kohler uses only brass and zinc—never plastic—for one reason: these materials provide greater strength and durability than any others.

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Kohler Lavatory Kohler Bathroom Faucets & Sinks

Degrees of contemporary, shades of modern. Kohler bathroom products allow you to choose the sense of contemporary you want to express, from pure elegance to mathematical precision to fundamental form. Lavatory products in a range of configurations to create a well-coordinated design appeal throughout the entire bathroom environment. Featuring high-quality construction and premium materials, the Kohler bathroom collections will ensure years of worry-free performance.

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Kohler Shower

Choose your experience. Rejuvenate with a wide spray. Enjoy a gentle massage from a pulsating spray. Or calm your body and mind with an aerated spray. A perfect expression of the soothing sensations, Kohler shower products are available in contemporary and traditional styles.

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Kohler Toilets
Kohler has made Performance and Cleanliness to be the distinctive characteristics of their line of toilets. A long history of water conservation combined with optimized performance engineering to make a wide selection of toilets that meet the WaterSenseSM standard, gives Kohler the confidence to declare, “Saving shouldn’t mean sacrificing.” Toilets are designed to dispose of up to two pounds of bulk waste in one powerful flush, virtually plug free, while making efficient use of the water flow to rinse the entire bowl surface and keep a hygienic environment. But whether you seek high efficiency, ADA compliancy, comfort height or style, look for a match in the signature colors, complementary styles and innovative shapes of Kohler toilets.

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Kohler Saile One Piece Elongated Toilet
Kohler San Raphael Comfort Height Elongated One Piece Toilet
Kohler Archer Undercounter Lavatory
Kohler Cimarron Pedestal Lavatory

Kohler Bathroom Sinks
The metamorphosis of a basic sink bowl into the exquisite vessel for which it has become so admired is largely due to Kohler’s philosophies at work. As a functional art piece, contemporary design and classic elements are either featured or harmoniously blended to award the user a refreshing aesthetic experience when washing in organic vessel style, vintage pedestal or practical countertop sink models. Coordinating a basin with your faucet, bath décor or plumbing availability will be no challenge, as the vast collection of Kohler lavatories range from small and simple spheres and arcs to decorative china bowls to opulent glass. Kohler makes a statement in more shapes, colors and materials than your bath ever dreamed.

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Kohler Fairfax Rite Temp Pressure Balancing Bath And Shower Faucet
Kohler Showers
At Kohler, a shower is more than just a place to get clean. They understand that the body craves the intensity of full coverage water droplets with the air inducted efficiency of a Rainhead, the restorative power of hydro-therapy with a steam environment, and the customizable massage jets in the Kohler ShowerSpa systems. Kohler doesn’t stop there, as they design specific tools and furnishings to bring it all together. Designing shower doors and engineering digital showering controls reflect the innovation and attention to detail that is so characteristic of Kohler, and exhibits their comprehensive expertise in both the structural necessities as well as the luxurious embellishments that harness the strength or stir up the energy of water.

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Kohler Memoirs Single Function Showerhead With Stately Design
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The Purist Bathroom Suite

As virtuous as water itself, the simplicity of the Kohler Purist Bathroom Suite emphasizes the purity of water. Reconstructing the pattern of customary expectation in bathroom design, the graceful lines are a response to our natural movement, seamlessly integrated with technology that brings pleasing freedom to your bath experience. An extensive selection means single handle control or widespread deck and wall mount faucets will only enhance your décor as you complete the picture in Kohler finishes and handle styles.

Kohler Purist Bathroom Suite

Kohler Forte Single Control Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet With Lever Handle

Kohler Forte Single Control Lavatory Faucet With Sculpted Lever Handle

The Forte Faucet Series

The strength of the Kohler Forte Faucet series is in its exceptional functionality built to withstand and accommodate the rigors of the most formidable kitchen and bath activities. Durability is distinguished by its one piece, cast brass form, and the increase in workspace gained from the high spout faucets and extensive reach of the pullout faucets is an invitation for creativity. Simplicity is again employed in its most graceful form to give high esteem to versatile style, with spouts elegantly arched over the sink basin and Kohler’s signature finishes attuned to a wide range of kitchen and bath styles.

The Devonshire Bathroom Suite

Designed with the fortitude of the old world in mind, the Kohler Devonshire Suite cultivates visual appeal with every line and carries integrity and beauty to last a lifetime. Widespread or centerset faucet pieces promise longevity in Kohler’s premium scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and tarnish-resistant Vibrant PVD color finishes perfect for accessorizing your bath style.

Kohler Devonshire Bathroom Suite

Kohler Memoirs Bathroom Suite

The Memoirs Bathroom Suite

The nobility of formal lines perfectly balances the modern sculpting in the Kohler Memoirs Suite, bringing exquisiteness to the fingertips at every visit to the sink basin. As always, Kohler engineering produces washerless ceramic valves in each faucet , solid brass construction and durable finishes. Memoirs also appeals to a liberal lifestyle with fluid design lines built into a singular unit for easy cleaning, and lever or cross style handles for a tailored fit.

The Coralais Collection

The rudimentary design of the Kohler Coralais Collection speaks of industrious work, but not without a flair for aesthetic beauty. Equipped with more than the modest design may suggest, the selection of kitchen and bath faucets include models with the flexibility to limit high temperatures and set temperature memory for comfort and also offers easy maintenance features like ceramic disk valves and one piece casting for easy cleaning. Kohler offers Coralais with an eye on value, as more and more highly regarded components in the modern kitchen and bath are becoming the new essentials.

Kohler Coralais Single Control Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet With Lever Handle
Kohler Coralais Single Control Centerset Lavatory Faucet

Kohler Revival Bubble Massage Bath

Kohler Revival Self Rimming Lavatory

The Revival Collection

Art-Deco design inspired progeny that continue to evolve even into our history, and it is those same avant-garde characteristics in the Kohler Revival Collection that promise it will never go out of style. Lines that culminate into bell shapes, spouts in heavy bud and smooth elliptical spaces can be understood in either the lavish classical design that taught the romantic heart, or in the progressive thinking that bourgeoned a new class of influence. The creative atmosphere flows into the diverse palette of fixtures and faucets, accessories and finishes with which you can grow your Revival collection for the most used areas of your home.

The Bancroft Suite

Classical, defined. The architecture of the Kohler Bancroft Suite navigates the historical timeline with steadfast principles, serving a style that will always be defined by dependability. This traditional approach brings a wealth of experience in an extensive suite of bath fixtures and faucetry, with options to satisfy a range of plumbing requirements and an exquisite array of variable components to complement personal taste. Ceramic levers can grace a single or double handled faucet, while the durable finishes coating the solid brass pieces are amongst a very complete selection that includes the latest vintage rubs.

Kohler Bancroft Bathroom Suite

Kohler Stillness Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet

Kohler Stillness Widespread Lavatory Faucet

The Stillness Collection

Standing apart as one of the few collections to harness the energy built into more classic pieces, the Kohler Stillness Collection focuses this energy into a quiet minimalist creation. Tranquility is manifested in each trim piece, faucet, fixture and accessory that surrounds the spaces where the activities of a busy life accumulate. Designed with a spa environment in mind, the clean lines and subtle angles leave room for the most important organic element to healing repose - water.

The Simplice Faucet Collection

As tastes are refined, opulence takes a back seat and function marries style in the harmonic blend of the Kohler Simplice Collection. Ergonomics are highlighted by the embrace of a smooth surface here, a strong line there and lofty arches that declare everlasting union. Pullout faucets are fitted with full 360 degree rotation and one touch spray controls in spray, aerated and pause functions, making pleasure out of work even with oversize pots and extra large basins.

Kohler Simplice Kitchen Faucet
Kohler Simplice Pull Down Kitchen Faucet