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American Standard 3121.016.222 Champion 4

American Standard 3121.016.222 Champion 4 Elongated Bowl

Meet the Champion 4, the undisputed leader in high performance toilets. With the industry's widest 2 3/8" trapway and 4" flush valve, it created a plunger free world for homeowners and virtually eliminated clogged toilet call backs for plumbers. The Champion will move a mass 70% larger than the industry standard. Which means you can flush with confidence and never worry about plunging a toilet again.

* 10 year limited warranty
* Vitreous china
* Permanent Everclean surface
* Low-consumption (6.0 Lpf/1.6 gpf)
* Features the Champion 4 Flushing System
* 4" non-adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve
* 16-1/2" rim height for accessible applications
* Elongated siphon action jetted bowl
* 2-3/8" fully-glazed trapway
* Speed Connect tank/bowl coupling system
* Chrome-plated trip lever
* Sweeping pier on bowl
* 100% factory flush tested
* 2 bolt caps
* Color-matched plastic toilet seat and cover with EverClean surface
* Wax ring gasket with closet bolts

The American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Is The Leader In High Performance