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Hangrohe Croma Showerheads And Handshowers

Hansgrohe Croma Showerheads & Handshowers

Shower Pleasure. Hansgrohe offers products to suit every user. No matter which shower configuration you desire -- with its wide range of products, Hansgrohe has the right solution for you. Enjoy every moment -- each one is unique, just like your Hansgrohe shower.

Croma and Croma Green. Featuring innovative technology, an exciting range of showerheads and handshowers and a low price point, Croma is the perfect introduction to Hansgrohe. From the generous 4" spray of the E and C 100 models to the more modestly-priced E and C 75 models, Croma has something for everyone. Featuring several green models with air-injection technology, Croma allows for water savings. Croma and Croma Green: the smart choice in showers.

Why Handshowers? Europeans have embraced the advantages of a handshower over a fixed showerhead for years. The benefits of a handshower are clear, and include targeting specific areas, the ability to wash pets or children with ease and cleaning the shower easily. A handshower also delivers a more invigorating shower, through the increased warmth and intensity that results from bringing the spray closer to your body.

Responsibility and Performance. Hansgrohe now offers a wide variety of low-flow handshowers and showerheads, several of which have received the WaterSense certification. With flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 GPM, and multiple finishes available for each model, Hansgrohe has a low-flow shower to fit your need.

Shop The Hansgrohe Croma Shower Line, Featuring Innovative Technology At A Low Price
Hansgrohe 06498000 Croma EcoAIR Showerhead
Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3 Jet Showerhead
Hansgrohe Croma C 100 3 Jet Showerhead
Hansgrohe Croma E 75 Green 3 Jet Handshower
Hansgrohe Croma E 100 Green Vario Jet Handshower
Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C100 3 Jet Handshower



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