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Moen ioDigital Vertical Spa Control

Moen ioDigital

From DVRs to dashboard navigation systems, you're surrounded by technology that's designed to make life easy. With the introduction of the ioDIGITAL controller, Moen brings the benefits of technology to your bathroom. The innovative ioDIGITAL controller lets you dial in and maintain both temperature and flow with electronic precision. Plus, sleek LED indicators visually display your settings. No longer will you have to guess about temperature or constantly adjust handles to stay comfortable. ioDIGITAL puts you in complete control.

Maybe you need a quick, cool rinse to wake up and a long, steamy shower to relax after work. Maybe you soak in a tub full of bubbles, but want a shallow pool of lukewarm water to bathe the kids. Maybe you share a bathroom with someone who wants a completely different experience than you.

ioDIGITAL makes creating a truly personalized shower or bath simple. Once you achieve your preferred combination of temperature and water delivery, you can recreate that exact experience any time you desire with the touch of one button. Multiple users can do the same. Luxury is literally at your fingertips.

Never settle for less than the best, so you're always in search of extraordinary products and technologies that match your high expectations and uncompromising standards. Add amenities to your bath from Moen that make it easy to get a premium experience day after day.

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Moen ioDigital Vertical Spa
Moen ioDigital Shower

Moen ioDigital Vertical Spa Shower System
Insist on the Moen ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa for precision and personalization that no traditional vertical spa can match. With the ability to manage up to four vertical spa spray outlets and store four personal settings into memory, you're in total control. The ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa controller features an LCD command screen that displays current temperature and active water spray outlets, making it easy to operate at a glance. There's even a pause feature that interrupts the flow of your shower while you shampoo or shave to conserve water.

Moen ioDigital Shower System
No need to constantly adjust handles to stay comfortable. Set the dials, and ioDIGITAL maintains temperature and volume with electronic precision. There are even sleek LED indicators that visually display your settings so you don't have to reach in to test the water prior to getting in your shower. Four programmable preset buttons allow you to recall your preferred shower experience at the touch of a button. Luxury is literally at your fingertips.
Moen ioDigital Roman Tub Controller
Moen ioDigital Remote For Roman Tub
Moen ioDigital Roman Tub Controller
Imagine having someone to draw you a bath every day. ioDIGITAL will. Push your preset, close the drain, and go light a few candles. ioDIGITAL will have your tub filled to the perfect temperature and level whenever you're ready to slide in.
  Moen ioDigital Remote For Roman Tub
The ioDigital (A349) Remote Control Lets you turn on your bath from across the room, or press the button to activate the Auto Top Off feature to warm your bath.
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