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Our trademarked AccuTools line of professional products, designed for the HVAC/R and Industrial markets, use state of the art technologies and ergonomic designs to provide reliable, cost efficient products and accurate solutions for all the industry needs.
accutools tools

AccuTools Tools

Our rugged, high quality tools use state-of-the-art technologies and ergonomic designs to provide reliable and accurate solutions. They are designed for many years of reliable service under harsh environmental conditions.

AccuTools® Gas Leak Detectors are sensitive, effective, and easy-to-use battery operated instruments. From traditional refrigerants to CO2 and combustible gases, our leak detectors are a must for every technician's tool box.

All of our leak detectors are microprocessor controlled, and feature simple one-button operation. Despite their outward simplicity, their innovative technology make the job easier, faster, and more accurate.

Our Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector detects all CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs. The Combustible Gas Leak Detector is UL Recognized for intrinsic safety in hazardous locations, and the new CO2 Leak Detector utilizes infrared technology for the detection of CO2 (R744) gas.

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