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FasNSeal has earned broad acceptance in the Heating and Ventilating market. Featuring a built-in gasket and locking band in each vent length and component, installation time is cut in half and the possibility of installer error practically reduced. This presents a significant break-through in this highly competitive industry.

fasnseal household plumbing parts and supplies

FasNSeal Household Plumbing Parts and Supplies

ProTech Systems, Inc. will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in August 2005. The roots of the company date back to the late seventies, when millions of wood heaters were purchased in the U. S. to ease the pain of high energy costs. Martin Wawrla, today's company president, recognized the need for upgrading masonry chimneys to meet requirements of these "airtight" heaters and reduce losses due to chimney or house fires.

To accommodate production of FasNSeal, the revolutionary product developed by ProTech Systems for venting high efficiency gas and oil heating equipment, Wawrla formed ProTech Manufacturing, Inc. in July of 1996. A 21,000 sf building was constructed and fit up with the latest technology welding and metal forming equipment to give ProTech Manufacturing, Inc. a home and begin production of the new FasNSeal vent system. Since August of 1998, the manufacture of components for all VENTINOX Lining Systems was also brought into the Albany, NY production facility.

"We are in a fast growth mode with our innovative products", says Martin Wawrla, owner of both ProTech companies, "and we expect to continue our research into additional specialty products for the Heating and Ventilating market".

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