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Moen ioDigital

MOEN revolutionizes the bathroom with its ioDigtal system. Think about it, we have technology in almost every room in our home in order to make life a little easier, from the living room entertainment center to the microwave in the kitchen. What about the bathroom? Moen has you covered with a system that allows you to create a showering experience like no other, whether you are using a roman tub bath or a vertical shower system the ioDigital technology will enhance your bathing experience.

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What’s so revolutionary about MOEN’s ioDigital technology? It allows you to control the temperature, provides a hands free option for starting the shower before you are even in the bathroom, offers up to four presets so that everyone can have the exact same experience each time and it can control the flow allowing you to increase it, decrease it or simply pause it. Imagine waking up on a cold morning, being able to roll over click your preset and having the shower already warm and ready to go as soon as you enter the bathroom. It’s one convenient time saver that MOEN offers with ioDigital units.

What if you have a family or live with others? Don’t worry! Moen has you covered with the preset options made available on the remote control. Hop out of the shower or tub and a minute or two later your spouse or your child simply presses their button and the flow and temperature is adjusted to their liking in an instant. The preset option is also a perfect way to preset tubs for children and avoid the worry of having the water be too hot once the tub is full.

One of the best features of MOEN’s ioDigital system is its flexibility. If you have a vertical spa set up this system has you covered with it’s vertical spa option, if you use a traditional shower then there is a unit for that and MOEN even has a roman tub offering. Each of these units offers the same presets, temperature and flow control to ensure an amazing bathing experience. The roman tub offering provides a unique feature for those that cannot live with out their relaxing baths and that feature is the ability to top off the tub.

Have you ever decided to take a hot bath after a long day at the office? Maybe you have grabbed your favorite book, lit some candles and climbed in only to find that in twenty minutes the water has become luke warm. Not the relaxing bath your were hoping for unless you have the ioDigital roman tub unit in which case you simply hit the top off button to add the perfect dose of hot water to reinvigorate your bath. It’s that easy.

The ioDigital system by MOEN is simply the best way to add luxury to your bath. Offering an array of finishes to match your current bathroom fixtures, MOEN makes it easy to add a touch of technology to your bathroom in a system that is easy to install. Select the MOEN ioDigital system today and discover what your bathing experience has been missing.

Moen ioDigital Roman Tub Faucetry

Moen TS9031 90 Degree Two-Handle Roman Tub Faucet Trim with ioDigital(TM) Techno...
  • Model No: MOTS9031
  • Finish: Chrome
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  • Retail Price: $297.75
  • Our Price: $238.20
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