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1-1/4" Meter Riser Steel Xpoly

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Model: PERISER114


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1-1/4" Meter Riser Steel Xpoly

  • Georg Fischer Central Plastics offers a variety of riser options for residential and commercial applications, including custom manufacturing to specific requirements.
  • Our risers offer a safe and simple method for connecting and transitioning from the PE pipe from below the ground to the above ground piping system.
  • The PE-to-Steel transitions in our risers are designed to exceed the operating capabilities of the PE pipe in which it is installed.
  • They meet or exceed ASTM D 2513 - Category 1 specifications, which require that fittings maintain a pressure-tight seal and are able to maintain it while subjected to stresses that would cause PE pipe to yield.
  • They also meet or exceed ASTM F1973.


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