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Bradford White 238-43329-00 10 Year Warranty Upgrade Kit

Bradford White 238-43329-00 10 Year Warranty Upgrade Kit
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Model: BWP238-43329-00


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238-43329-00 Bradford White 10 Year Warranty Upgrade Kit

Residential Warranty Upgrade Kit
This warranty extension will allow a homeowner to increase the original warranty of the water heater from 6 to 10 years on both the tank and the parts. The upgrade is available for select residential water heaters, as listed below. The upgrade requires a registration form be completed and returned to Bradford White.

*This 10 Year Warranty Kit Is Available for the Following Water Heater Models:*

Gas Models

M-I-30T M-I-30S M-I-303T
M-I-40T M-I-403S M-I-404T
M-I-503 M-I-50L M-I-504S
M-I-60T M-4-30T M-4-403S
M-4-40T M-4-503 M-4-60T
U1-30T U1-30S U1-403S
U1-40T U1-404T U1-503
U1-50L U1-504S U1-60T
U4-30T U4-40T U4-403S
U4-503 U4-60T

Electric Models

M-1-20L M-1-30L M-1-40L
M-1-50L M-2-30L M-2-40L
M-2-50L M-1-6U M-1-10U
M-1-12U M-1-12UT M-1-15U
M-1-20U M-2-30U M-2-30R
M-2-40S M-2-40T M-2-50S
M-2-50T M-2-65R M-1-WH6U
M-1-WH12U M-1-WH20L M-2-WH30L

NOTE: The warranty upgrade includes all of the associated suffixes to the base model numbers above. The upgrade kit also applies to any corresponding new model numbers created.

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