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Brizo 64355LF-SSCO Vuelo Single Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with SmartTouch Technology - Cocoa Bronze/Stainless Steel

Brizo 64355LF-SSCO Vuelo Single Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with SmartTouch Technology - Cocoa Bronze/Stainless Steel

64355LF-SSCO Brizo Vuelo Single Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with SmartTouch Technology - Cocoa Bronze/Stainless Steel
  • Taking its design inspiration from a swan, Vuelo forms a graceful, majestic silhouette.
  • Exclusive Brizo SmartTouch Technology allows for water activation with a simple touch anywhere to the faucet body, spout or handle.
  • Two-function pull-down wand provides spray and stream; features MagneDock Technology - magnetic wand docking system
  • Holes For Installation: Single hole installation
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 gpm @ 60 psi, 6.8 L/min @414 kPa
  • ADA Compliant
  • CA/VT Compliant
  • MagneDock Technology
  • SmartTouch Technology
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Fault in touch Sensing
I had my faucet installed for about a month before the touch feature stopped working. After investigating the issue, I discovered a light layer of rust inside the neck (looking at the pic the break points are: Base, neck, pull out sprayer) of faucet. Delta's touch design requires continuity between the neck and the base in order for it to work. The metal sprayer hose is how they accomplish this. The hose is in constant contact with the neck and base thus constant continuity. When the rust developed in the neck I lost that continuity thus loosing my touch feature. Delta's solution: Replace the neck - I said OK, what do you want me to do next month when it does it again? They said call us and we will send you a new neck. This is not a solution but a band aid that I have to keep applying.Problem: The neck has a stainless coating on the outside, but steel on the inside, therefor any moisture that gets on the sprayer hose, when retracted, is transferred to the inside of the neck which starts the rust cycle. The rust then creates a break in the continuity.Soulutions:1. Pull your sprayer hose in and out until the rust layer is knocked off.2. Separate the neck from the base, then drape a piece of aluminum foil over one the the fingers of the plastic swivel mount (The swivel locks the neck to the base). When you drape the foil over the finger you will notice that it makes metal (base) to metal (foil) contact with the base. When you re-install the neck you have metal (foil) to metal (neck) contact with the neck. This solution actually make the touch feature work better. I only have to touch it once, works every time. Before, I would have to hit the neck on occasion to get it to work, now its just a touch. If Delta would have included a large modified version of an aluminum pocket spring clip (Pic attached); which would be mounted upside down and on the base's shaft (in place of my aluminum foil), they would not have this issue.

Metal to Metal Contact

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Submitted by nabulldog in Lynn Haven, FL on 2016-12-02