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Kohler K-1733-NA Fast-Response 9kW Steam Generator

Kohler K-1733-NA Fast-Response 9kW Steam Generator

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K-1733-NA Kohler Fast-Response 9kW Steam Generator
  • Kohler Fast Response 9kW Steam Generator
  • For Use with Sonata Modules, KOHLER Receptors, or Customer Showering Applications
  • K-1647-PC Fast Response Steam Generator Control Kit is Required for Use with All Fast-Response 5kW - 15kW Steam Generators. A Dedicated Circuit is Required.
  • Separtate 240 V Circuit is required for KOHLER Steam Units.
  • A Dedicated Circuit is Required
  • No GFCI Should be Hooked to This Circuit.
  • Calculate Cubic Feet Requirement by Multiplying L x H x W
  • Do Not Exceed the Maximum Volume Rating 240 cu. ft.
  • Recommended Ceiling Height is 8' or Less. For Each Foot Above 8', You Must Upgrade to the Next Steam Generator Size.
  • Electrical Requirements: 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 50A
  • K-1647-PC Fast-Response Steam Generator Control Kit is Required
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