Add a Bidet When You Customize Your Bathroom

Bidets are rising in popularity here in the United States, and a rising bidet manufacturing industry is presenting many different types of bidet faucet alternatives that were not previously available to many home owners a couple of years ago. The bidet is simple to install on a typical American style toilet, and have a lot of diverse options to choose.

How a Bidet Operates
A bidet is an attachment that you have attached to your existing toilet that dispenses a gentle stream of water to your private areas off when you are done with your "business." The bidet has been shown to result in healthier and cleaner uses for the user, and makes a smart and luxurious investment.

Bidet Types
Many standard style toilets in America do not have an assembled bidet as opposed to the ones offered in Europe. Not all of the bidets are exactly the same as each other, so it will help to do some research to decide on the best bidet for you.

Standard Bidet
The standard bidet is as simple as it can get. It is similar to a little faucet that is attached to the base of the toilet, which will wash your backside when you are done using the facilities. Typically, the water is heated to a warm temperature, and they come in assortment of varying types of spray suited for different genders and users.

Wash and Dry Bidet Toilet Seats
When you are through using the bidet, you will need to wipe off yourself when you finish using the bidet. With the wash and dry bidet, the spray of water is then followed by a rush of heated air to assist in the drying off process. Cleaning yourself has never been easier when you have a wash and dry bidet installed in your bathroom. These newer items on the market are gaining popularity and they are a great space saver if you cannot install a separate bidet fixture in your bathroom. Some of the bidet toilet seats even have heated seats and are self deodorizing for maximum comfort for an all around comfortable experience.

The Portable Bidets
There are available bidets out there that are portable enough to take with you. The portable bidet is easy to set up and very easy to remove wherever you go, which will give you a constant refreshing clean feeling out on the road.

Handheld Bidets
The common question with these handheld bidets is, "Isn't it a bit messy using one of those?" The answer is a resounding no. Many hand held bidets are used for the shower. The user will not receive the same benefits as a typical bidet, but once a day is better than none at all. Since bidets are soothing and helpful for those that suffer from bleeding, soreness of hemorrhoids, or those experience problems from genital or an anal surgical procedure. When you install a handheld bidet, it could be quite a luxury when you are looking for some relief and comfort.

Bidet Extras
Bidet faucets can offer you some additional extras if you are prepared to pay a little bit more for them. Massaging and pulsating bidet streams, wireless controls, and heated seats are all readily available for enthusiasts. Why not spend just a little bit extra for more comfort, since you are going to buy a bidet anyway?

If you are interested in installing a bidet in your home bathroom, speak to your local bidet provider or plumber to see what options are available for you.

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Toto SW502-01 Washlet

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