How to Avoid Common Household Plumbing Problems

It can be a great feeling you can get from working around your house as most do it yourselfer can attest to, as they will be happy to tackle any project thrown their way. Also, there are a lot of homeowners that would rather read through a how to guide that will instruct you exactly on what it is that needs to be done. But with today's busy lifestyles, who has time to read, in order to repair their toilet? Luckily for us, there are many things that we can do to avoid serious plumbing issues that will take little or no effort, and you won't have to know the difference between a C-clamp and an O-ring.

Avoiding Clogs

When one large item or multiple smaller items get lodged in a pipe, this is called a clog. While some clogs are results from things that you don't have that much control over, many of them happen because someone put something in the drain that didn't belong there in the first place. To prevent clogs, you will eliminate a large percentage of the number of plumbing issues that your home will experience. To avoid clogs:

  • Do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper and bodily waste. Make sure that the kids are aware of what should and shouldn't be flushed down the toilet as well.The garbage disposal in your sink is not the same thing as a garbage can. Avoid putting anything that is not biodegradable, greasy or fibrous into the garbage disposal and leave the water on while you are running the garbage disposal for a minimum of fifteen seconds before and after running the disposal. Fit all drains in bathtubs and showers with some sort of grate to catch excess hair.

  • Use the product that prevents root growth at least two times a year for your pipes - particularly if you have had problems with roots in your pipes before.

Dealing with Hot Water, Water Pressure, Strange Noises, Burst Pipes, and Leak Issues
Although clogs are a problem, they are not the only thing that will go wrong with the plumbing. Enhancing your water pressure, recognizing an odd noise in your septic/sewer system, or repairing a leaky pipe are jobs that many homeowners do not want to deal with. For the rest of us, there are simple solutions to all of them: Call a Plumber!

Find a Plumber that You Like and Trust
It might take a little time, but when problems crop up, and they will, you will be happy that you put in the effort to find a decent plumber. Having a plumber on hand is a lot like working with a mechanic you trust with your car. Once you have found a plumber that you like and trust, they are worth it to hold on to. Never be timid about contacting several different plumbers and never stop until you find one that you trust and appreciate. If you have a plumber, it will help you take out all of the guess work that could happen to your systems. When you know who to call, all of the problems will have an effective solution.

Plumbing Problems