Customize Your Toilet With a Bidet

Bidets have been popular in Europe for many years. In recent years, they have become a popular trend in the United States. As bidets increase in popularity, manufacturers are adding new custom options. If you've never used a bidet, you may be surprised by the versatility and multiple functionality of a bidet. With a little research, you can create the perfect bidet for your home bathroom.

Many Americans may not be familiar with the function of a bidet. There are many options, and you will need to carefully consider your needs to find the right bidet, bidet faucet or bidet toilet seat for your bathroom. A traditional bidet is a separate fixture and has a faucet attachment that provides a comfortable stream of water for personal cleansing after using the toilet or the bidet can be filled up for a sitz bath.

Another method for those who don't have the space to add a separate bidet fixture is to install a bidet faucet on your existing toilet. This may require some tricky plumbing and a specialized toilet seat so be sure to consult a professional before pursuing this option.

Handheld Bidets are another way to retrofit your existing toilet. These usually are a "wand type" fixture that taps into your toilet supply line and hangs on the side of the toilet when not in use. These can be tremendously beneficial in helping to alleviate specific health concerns such as hemorrhoids and soreness from anal and genital surgeries. A handheld bidet may also help when it comes time to clean the toilet because it can rinse the hard to reach spots under the toilet rim.

A newer and very popular option for those who don't have the space for a separate bidet or want to retrofit their existing toilet is the bidet toilet seat. The bidet toilet seat easily attaches to your existing toilet and functions electronically with the touch of a button. This is a great option if you are looking to replace your existing toilet and want a high efficiency toilet / bidet combo.

Before beginning the project, consult an experienced contractor for assistance in selecting the right bidet for your space, budget, and health concerns. As proper installation is crucial, is it also advisable to hire a certified plumber to fit and install your bidet.

Once you begin to shop for your bidet, you may be surprised by the options available to you. Don't become overwhelmed. Remember that your bathroom should be a place of privacy and comfort. A well-designed bidet can help you create the perfect bathroom in your home.

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