Sink Plumbing Supplies – What You’ll Need for Easy Installation

There is definitely something to be said about do-it-yourself plumbing and homeowners who do their own plumbing find that it can save them a ton of cash (something we're all looking for in today's economy). There is also a great sense of satisfaction to be had in knowing that you can handle the little plumbing tasks around the home without calling out an expensive plumber. Installing a new sink or faucet doesn't have to be a complicated job - especially if you are prepared beforehand with the knowledge of the appropriate materials and supplies you'll need for easy installation. Let's take a look at some of the items you should purchase before you get started installing your new kitchen sink or faucet.

Plumbing Supplies for New Sink Installation
The type of plumbing supplies that you will need to purchase will be related to the type of sink that you will be installing. In general, there are some plumbing supplies that you will need for nearly every type of sink installation. A sink drain, for instance, will be required, as will a basket strainer. This is inserted into the hole in the basin's bottom. The drain will also need to be sealed off with plumber's putty (which is relatively inexpensive and prevents leaks). A rubber gasket will need to be fitted beneath the strainer and secured with a locknut to keep it from moving around. The sink drain will be connected to a part known as a tailpiece which is then connected to the drain or strainer using a threaded coupling. Other pieces that will be needed include a trap, a slip point coupling, and an escutcheon plate to finish the job.

Plumbing Supplies for New Faucet Installation
Installing a new faucet to complement your new sink or to replace an existing faucet is not extremely challenging when you know what supplies you'll need to work with. Plumbing tools that are needed for installation generally are a simple basin wrench and some plumber's putty. To properly install your new faucet, you will also need gaskets. Gaskets are usually included in the faucet set or in the package with your plumber's putty - but that is not always the case. Check your faucet's specifications to be certain you have the gasket; in some instances you may need to purchase a gasket to fit your new faucet. Another option is to use a good quality plumber's putty or caulk to secure the faucet. Your new faucet will also have the necessary under sink hardware and installation accessories with washers and locknuts that will be needed for installation.

Sink Installation
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