How to Remove Mineral Deposits from Your Showerhead

Hard water can be hard on your faucets, tubs, sinks, counters and other fixtures in your home, but particularly hard on your showerhead. The real problem with mineral deposits on your showerhead is that they can cause the showerhead to spray the entire bathroom. Hard water can leave your showerhead clogged and unsightly looking. Removing the mineral deposits caused by hard water may not be a pleasant chore, but it is possible. Let's look at how you can get your showerhead looking like you just installed it:

Simple Kitchen Cupboard Secret to Removing Mineral Deposits
One of the best defenses that you have in your war to remove mineral deposits from your showerhead may already be in your kitchen cupboard - vinegar. For fast cleaning action, fill a gallon size plastic bag half way up with vinegar and secure it to your showerhead using a rubber brand or string. Leave the plastic bag in place for around two hours for maximum sparkle - the acid in the vinegar will work as a solvent to remove and gnaw away at the mineral deposits until they are gone. You can also remove the showerhead and allow it to soak in vinegar in a bucket or sink until the mineral deposits are removed. With either method, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub away any residue and then simply wipe off with a damp cloth. To clean the spray holes of your showerhead, a toothpick works wonders once the vinegar has begun to dissolve the mineral deposits away. Use caution, however, when using vinegar. Avoid contact with your eyes and keep children away from the area where you are cleaning. For really tough mineral deposits, you can also place your showerhead in a pot of water that is reconstituted with one half part vinegar. Bring the vinegar and water solution to a boil with the showerhead inside and boil for fifteen minutes. Remove the showerhead to see if the mineral deposits have become detached; if not, boil for an additional five minutes at a time until the results you are looking for are achieved. Again, you can use an old toothbrush and a toothpick to finish up the cleaning job and then wipe down with a damp cloth.

Specialized Mineral Deposit Cleaners
You can also elect to purchase a special cleaner that is specifically designed to remove mineral deposits. Lime Away, Bam, or Bar Keeper's Friend are all great cleaners for removing mineral deposits. Unlike natural vinegar, however, some of the cleaners can be caustic and have harsh chemicals that are dangerous if inhaled or absorbed into the skin. Be very cautious when working with chemicals like these. You can also use your old toothbrush and a toothpick to put the finishing effects on your showerhead cleaning using these cleaners.

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