A Modern Bathroom

Would you believe that not all bathrooms have a shower in this day and age? A shower is simply a must in the time-pinched schedule that most of us must maintain in today's world. Although, most of us would agree, that a long, hot soak would be therapeutic. It's just not practical to fit it into an everyday routine. You can add a shower fixture to a current bathtub fixture or even add a separate shower stall. A shower fixture is a must for improving the salability of any home.

Some older homes come with magnificently large and inviting claw-footed tubs. These are stoutly constructed and kits are available to modernize them with a shower without compromising the beauty and vintage qualities of these tubs. You get to keep your antique tub while adding the benefit of a shower. Also, installation is simple and isn't any more difficult than swapping out a faucet and hanging some supports from the ceiling.

These kits are readily available and also affordable. When the kit has been installed, there will still be some exposed pipe that some might fight unattractive. If you want to hide the pipes, it's recommended that you retain the services of a professional plumber and/or contractor. Still, some homeowners, they like the look of the exposed piping and are content with just the kit.

Separate shower stalls make the most sense in small bathrooms where space is limited. A bathtub will sometimes not fit in these small spaces, or if they do, there's no room for anything else. When designing a home, it adds value to allow an additional shower in a half bath or even an extra shower on its own. In newly constructed homes, it's a common design to see the shower stall apart from the bathtub in the master bath. Designers feel it gives the home a more modern look and feel.

Remodeling an existing shower stall can be a great DIY project for an experienced remodeler, but installing a whole new unit requires a good deal of carpentry and plumbing skills. Even putting in a new shower stall kit takes a considerable amount of knowledge concerning how to lay pipe.

To have a positive experience with your shower stall, you need to start with a shower receptor. A good receptor supports the shower and prevents moisture from seeping into places where it's not expected and certainly not wanted. Moisture can cause damage such as mold, bacteria growth, bugs and structural damage. You must make sure that your base and walls are water-tight.

An unskilled person could easily ruin the value of their home and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage that may or may not be able to be repaired. Your fun remodel project could quickly morph into a costly and unpleasant repair bill. If you're unsure, be certain to get a professional for a great installation and not only keep the value of your home, but increase it with your new, modern shower.

Modern Bathroom

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