Pedestal Sink Buying and Installation Guide

Do your decorating tastes dictate that your modern bathroom have the charm of days gone by? If so, you can easily add a touch of yesteryear by install a beautiful pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks sit alone without the benefit of cabinetry or a vanity underneath, and were prevalent in old world homes of the past. More and more homeowners are finding that a pedestal sink fits perfectly with their décor and create an open look that is very appealing.

Options When Buying Your Pedestal Sink
There are a multitude of choices for the homeowner who is shopping for a pedestal sink; so much so, in fact, that the hardest part may be narrowing your choice down to just one model. Pedestal sinks are very practical, as well, because they are typically inexpensive and very simple to install. Because there is no costly counter system to purchase when installing a pedestal sink, they are one of the most cost effective yet eye-catching sink selections

Additionally, a pedestal sink is absolutely perfect for "half baths" and smaller bathrooms in your home or even in an apartment or condo because they take up very little space. And since there is no vanity or cabinet for the pedestal sink to be installed in, you can create the illusion of space even in the tiniest of bathrooms. Pedestal sinks are available in many different styles, designs, models, and finishes, giving you a perfect opportunity to personalize your bathroom according to your own tastes. Some pedestal sinks have wide basins for extra room at the sink, some require two faucets or have extra wide tops to give you extra storage space for your toiletries. The pedestal sink becomes a focal point in the bath and is a perfect complement to those homeowners who are lucky enough to have a claw foot bath tub.

Before Installing Your Pedestal Sink
If you are a bit of a do-it-yourselfer, you can easily install a pedestal sink in just one afternoon. Depending upon the pedestal sink that you purchase and how much it weighs, you may need a helper to ensure proper installation. In addition to your new pedestal sink, you will need the following tools and materials: drill and drill bits, circular saw, basin wrench, tape measure, dimensional lumber, faucet and drain assembly. You will find while shopping that your pedestal sink will come in two pieces (the sink itself and the stand that it will rest upon). The sink will be mounted to the wall but will also rest on the pedestal stand for extra support. Keep in mind when purchasing your pedestal sink that you will need to fit the plumbing inside the pedestal and also that you will need to match the sink the exact level on the wall to match up with the pedestal perfectly. Also, keep in mind that tasks like removing the old vanity, and preparing the floor and wall upon which and behind where the pedestal sink will be installed should be done beforehand. If you will need to relocate any of your water supply lines, this should be done before getting ready for the installation of your new pedestal sink.

Pedestal Sink Installation

  • Supplies gathered and area of installation prepared? Now it is time to install the pedestal sink. Your first step is to make sure that the water supply has been turned off to the area; this would likely have been accomplished when removing the old vanity or other sink that was present. You may also want to reinforce the area behind the sink where it will be hung by installing a support board (made of a 2x6 or larger piece of wood stock, depending upon the individual sink's installation instructions) between two of the wall studs behind the sink installation area.
  • Once your support board is firmly in place, you should carefully align the sink with the board and mark the installation holes. Drill the holes, and mount the sink temporarily to ensure that it is level; then remove the sink and set it aside.
  • Fit your plumbing supply lines inside the pedestal's bottom and backside, according to manufacturer's instructions. If you cannot fit all of the plumbing inside the pedestal, don't worry. You can easily replace the plumbing that will not be concealed with brass or chrome fittings to match your pedestal sink faucet.
  • Next you will place the pedestal part of the sink into place on the floor and mark its mounting position. Depending on the type of pedestal sink that you have purchased, you will either caulk or bolt the sink to the floor. Confirm that the sink and pedestal are aligned properly with the support board by setting the sink atop the pedestal. Drill floor holes as needed and secure the pedestal to the floor.
  • Your final steps are to install the faucet you have selected and attach the water lines and drain assembly. Turn the faucet on to check for leaks.
  • Stand back and admire your handy work!
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