Pedestal Sinks Create an Elegant Space

Vintage and old world styles are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom remodels. Though you may want an old-fashioned looking bathroom, you probably don't want a bathroom that feels old-fashioned. You don't need to give up modern conveniences for and old time look. Classically designed fixtures can provide the functionality of the 21st century while reminding you of another time. Whether you're updating an older house or creating an old-fashioned look in a modern home, a pedestal sink can fit your unique décor.

Style and Function
The current need for ample counter space and underneath storage cabinets has caused pedestal sinks to fall from popularity in the modern bathroom. In bathrooms of old, pedestal sinks, and the simple elegance they add to a bathroom, were commonplace. It is for this reason that pedestal sinks have come back in fashion in recent years.

Pedestal Sinks hide the plumbing within, rather than requiring cabinetry to conceal the plumbing underneath. Because of their compact design, they are easier to install and maintain than other sinks.

In small bathrooms, where space is tight, a pedestal sink may be the only practical option. Their simple, streamlined design allows a pedestal sink to fit in any area of the bathroom, including corners. The lack of surrounding countertop and cabinetry also reduces clutter and leaves open area to display decorative elements. These space-saving characteristics make it easier to fit other fixtures and decorative elements around the pedestal sink to create a comfortable, convenient bathroom.

Design Options
There is a pedestal sink to fit any bathroom décor and size limitation. Your bathroom can be highly personalized to fit your unique personality and lifestyle. With a variety of available styles and colors, you need only to determine your needs and choose a sink to fit.

In terms of functionality, some pedestals feature extra large basins for ample wash space. You can also add an extra faucet to help control water temperature. If you need more storage and shelving space, consider a sink with an extra-wide top. These are only a few examples of the modifications available.

Pedestal sinks are now manufactured in a variety different heights, shapes, and colors. Some homeowners choose the sink first, using it as a focal point. It is then easier to design the rest of the bathroom around its simple, traditional shape. Consider choosing flooring, lighting, and decorative elements to complement your sink and complete a vintage look. Once you have chosen the sink, it will be easier to choose the other fixtures.

Before beginning any renovation, consult an experienced contractor for advice on choosing the right pedestal sink for your style, space, and budget. Your contractor may be able to introduce options you may not even have considered. As with any fixture or plumbing project, proper installation is crucial. It is advisable to hire a plumber to fit and install your sink.

A pedestal sink can be the first step in designing the bathroom of your dreams. Your design is limited only by your creativity.