Stainless Steel, the Sink of Sinks

The sink is probably the most frequently used fixtures in any kitchen, and is an important factor in any kitchen renovation. If you're planning a kitchen renovation, you've probably thought about adding a stainless steel sink. Stainless steel is currently the leading trend in sinks because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. Before choosing the sink for your kitchen, there are a few areas to consider.

Stainless steel is manufactured in a number of gauges, and for sinks, thicker is better. Sinks made of a thinner gauge will be highly susceptible to chips and dents. Thicker steel will be better able to withstand the daily ware of dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils. Thinner steel will also make a lot of noise from dishes when dishes and silverware are dropped into the sink. Thicker steel is much quieter. Sinks made from steel in the 18-20 gauge range, with an insulating agent applied to the underside, will make a noticeable difference in noise reduction.

Metal Composition
Metals can be added to stainless steel to increase the durability of the sink. Added chrome prevents corrosion. Nickel helps to maintain the shine of the steel. Look for a sink with 18% added chrome and 8-10% added nickel.

When it comes to stainless steel, looks can be deceiving. Be sure to avoid sinks that appear to be overly shined, as the manufacturer may be attempting to cover an inferior mix of metals. Investing in a sink with a high grade of steel will pay off over time.

Regardless of the quality of the metal, your sink will accumulate scratches over time. This "natural patina" will enhance the character of your kitchen and continue to look better over time. If you don't care for the shiny look in a sink, consider brushed steel.

When choosing the stainless steel sink for your kitchen, consider the primary use. With a large variety of styles and designs, you will be able to find the sink that perfectly suits your needs.

For serious cooks, a deep double or triple basin will make it more convenient to wash dishes and produce. This will also make it easier to share the kitchen with your spouse or guests. You may also wish to consider adding a prep sink on the opposite side of the countertop. Attached cutting boards will facilitate food preparation, and with a hole in the middle, will make waste disposal much easier.

Proper installation is the key in any remodeling project, and sinks are no exception. It is crucial to contact a plumber or experienced contractor for advice on selecting and installing the sink. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your new stainless steel sink for many years.

The options for your new stainless steel sink are seemingly endless. By carefully evaluating your needs, style, and budget, you can find the perfect stainless sink for your kitchen. The potential is limited only by your imagination!