Vessel Sinks

Until recently, vessel sinks were seen only in the restrooms of upscale bars and restaurants. The unique look and functional appeal of these sinks has made them a hot trend in home bathrooms. Perhaps homeowners are responding the simple elegance of a beautiful bowl placed where one would expect to see an ordinary bathroom sink. Judging by their popularity, this is a trend that will continue to grow for some time.

Vessel sinks are a modern adaptation of old style wash basins. Washbasins were metal or ceramic bowls that would sit on a countertop or pedestal, and were used for daily washing. They were not connected to plumbing, and had to be filled with water before each use. They would then be dumped after every use, as they did not have a drain. Modern vessel sinks are similar in function, but are improved by added features. Vessel sinks are mounted to the wall and are filled from a faucet mounted above. They are also fitted with a drain, like other sink designs. To prevent water from splashing or spilling over the sides, vessel sinks are deeper than most other types of sinks.

Vessel sinks can me made in any size, price range, and style. They can be constructed of virtually any material, which makes it possible to fit a vessel sink in any type of decor. Frequently used materials include wood, glass, ceramic, various types of stone, and various metals such as copper, bronze, pewter, and stainless steel. For a truly unique effect, consider looking for an existing bowl that can be adapted into a sink. Don't let all these choices deter your. Take your time to find the perfect bowl for your vessel sink. Likewise, because of the almost endless options, you can find a vessel sink to fit any budget. Ceramic and stainless steel are probably on the more economical side, while rare stone and artistic glass are more extravagant. Whichever material you choose, be sure to consider size, appearance, and durability. A high quality vessel sink can add elegance to your bathroom and for many years.

Vessel sinks are typically viewed as a high-end luxury item. For this reason, they are usually not found in laundry rooms, kids' bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. Some homeowners even feel compelled to hide them in a guest room, reserving them for special use. Don't underestimate the potential of your new vessel sink. A beautiful fixture like this should be enjoyed everyday. You won't regret the time and effort involved in choosing your new vessel sink.

As with any renovation project, it is advisable to consult with an experienced contractor for assistance in choosing your sink. And, because proper installation is crucial, consider hiring a plumber to fit and install your vessel sink, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy it for many years. With some careful planning and a little imagination, you will find the perfect vessel sink to add that extra touch of elegance to your home.