Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Mounted Faucets

Any home remodeling project involves hundreds of decisions. From wall treatments to window treatments, flooring to faucets, the details add up. Every detail will add to the overall result. Kitchen and bathroom faucets wall mounts may seem like small details, but they can make a big difference in achieving the right look for your bathroom. And, as your bathroom is used by your family, guests, and potential buyers, it's worth spending a little extra time and energy to choose the right faucet mounts.

There are many different design options for faucets, which each carry their own specific benefits and drawbacks. Wall mounted faucets will require longer spouts to reach the basin, but the length of the arch creates a distinctive sleek look. The length and curve of the arc vary with the height of the mount. As an added benefit, wall mounted faucets often allow more open counter space than other types of faucets. This is an important benefit in small and narrow spaces.

Adding to the customization options, wall mount faucets are made in variety of materials, including brass, chrome, and nickel. Each material has a distinctive color, shine, and patina that will contribute to the overall look. With many varieties of material available, you can find the perfect faucet for your décor.

Kitchen Faucet Wall Mounts
Wall-mounted faucets in the kitchen can be customized with a number of options, such as adjustable swing mounts for double basin sinks. Consider adding a swinging wall mounted faucet over the stove to make filling pots more convenient. The height of the mount will make a difference in the appearance of the faucet. Low mounts will look like a standard faucet. When mounted higher, the spout will show a more dramatic downward arc.

Bathroom Faucet Wall Mounts
In bathrooms, wall mounted faucets can work with a many different types of sinks. Wall mount faucets may be preferable with vessel sinks, especially in bathrooms areas with limited counter space, where the sink must be placed close to the wall. With a wall mounted sink, a wall mounted faucet may be the perfect fit. Many homeowners believe that there must be ample counter space around the sink. However, wall mounted sinks and faucets can save space in a small bathroom by eliminating the surrounding counter top.

For those with limited mobility, a hands-free model may be ideal in the kitchen and bathroom. Not only are hands-free faucets more convenient, they are also more hygienic. Hands-free faucets reduce the transmission of germs and bacteria, adding to overall good health.

Before beginning a kitchen or bathroom renovation project, consult with an experience contractor for advice on budget, functionality, and style. A professional can help you explore your options and choose the faucet mounts to fit your needs. To ensure that your faucet mounts function properly for years to come, consider hiring a certified plumber for the installation.

With some thoughtful planning and a little imagination, your kitchen or bathroom remodel will be a success. The possibilities are endless!

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