Bathroom Contractor Etiquette What to do and What to Look For

Contractors are going to be in your bathroom doing the work that needs to be finished. These contractors aren't aware or care about your bathroom habits and needs during your day, and if they turned the water off, or are strictly working in the only bathroom in your house, you must accept this small amount of embarrassment if you have to use the bathroom.

What happens in the bathroom is of course a private affair; they have doors so you can have your privacy. A few people find it really invasive when other people are in their bathrooms, which is one of the main reasons guest bathrooms came to be. If you are that bothered by the ordeal, clean out the bathroom and remove items that the contractors working on your bathroom might see.

Bathroom Contractor Etiquette
There aren't any laws that state you must allow any so called professional use your bathroom; however, with contractors, they'll already be working in the bathroom so it could be difficult to keep them or to tell them not to use your facilities. It is basic etiquette that whenever somebody is working in or around your house, you should permit them to use the bathroom. Offering the bathroom use even if it's likely a given with the contractors may mean something to a person who has been turned away from using bathrooms from their previous clients. You don't have to provide a drink to a contractor, or rags, towels, tools, or even trash bages. You are the one who employed them, and any professional contractor should bring with them everything that they need to successfully complete a job. These contractors are hard working, and especially working hard for you. Offering them something to drink when they are thirsty is not difficult to do, and it will help convenience them to do the job quicker. They won't have to leave to go to the local convenience store to pick up a frosty beverage to quench their thirst. As their temporary employer, becoming very easy to work with, respectful, and receptive is always a great idea.

While Working with Your Contractor
Always plan ahead. If the contractors will be hanging sheetrock, caulking, or tiling, provide a mat for them where they can easily wipe their feet, so that they will not drag any dirt and grime throughout the rest of your house.

Keep plenty of rags or a few old towels or shirts readily available so nothing will be accidentally brushed off on your walls or furniture.

When contractors become especially dusty while working for you, pick up some carpet scraps from the local flooring store; you can create a pathway with them from the door to the bathroom. Your floor will be a bit more cleaner than usual , and will deter the amount of cleaning you will have to do once the bathroom job has been completed.

Provide disposable cups and an area outside where they can wash and wipe their tools off. If you have outside access to electrical outlet, this would be ideal as they can cut the drywall or tiles outside. This will create less of a mess indoors.

Lastly, never view the client / contractor relationship as different from any other relationship. Be courteous to them, ask pertinent questions, and always compliment when the job meets or exceeds your expectations. Before long, your bathroom will be the envy of guests everywhere.