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Shower Faucets

Shower Faucets are what's commonly referred to the faucet and trim in your tub or shower.  When looking for a shower faucet be sure to read the description carefully so you know what you're getting in the box. If the description says "trim only" or "rough in required" then in most cases here's what you get; the flange at the wall, the shower arm, shower head, the trim around the handle, the handle and the tub spout if it's a tub-shower combo. It's a little confusing but look at the picture and be sure to read the description.  Keep in mind that some shower trim units include the rough plumbing valve, which is located in the wall behind the handle and is required for new installations or to change your current shower configuration.
Look at your current shower / tub set up and determine first if you have a single handletwo handle or three handle shower configuration. From there you can narrow down your choices and pick the appropriate shower trim for your bath. Sometimes just swapping out your old shower head for a new one can make a world of difference and it's a very easy swap.  But if you want to change your current configuration from say a three handle to a single handle, some plumbing is required and your best bet is to call a plumber or our customer care center to answer any questions before you start tearing your wall apart.
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Shower Single Handle Faucets

Moen TL182 Chateau Posi-Temp(R) Single Handle Shower Trim - Chrome
  • Model No: TL182
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Stock: Available
  • Retail Price: $50.05
  • Our Price: $32.03

Shower Two Handle Faucets

Symmons 4505-X Canterbury Two Handle Shower System with Handshower and Valve - C...
  • Model No: SYM4505-X
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Stock: Backordered
  • Retail Price: $959.90
  • Our Price: $710.33
Toto TS960CC SoirTe Thermostatic Mixing Valve Trim with Single Volume Control - ...
  • Model No: TS960CC
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Stock: Backordered
  • Retail Price: $545.00
  • Our Price: $545.00

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Shower Single Handle Faucets

Grohe 27625 000 Triple Volume Control Trim - Chrome
  • Model No: GR27625000
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Stock: Backordered
  • Retail Price: $793.00
  • Our Price: $555.10
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