Shower Systems : Grohe, Delta, Hansgrohe and Moen Shower Systems

Home shower systems have certainly come a long way since the days of the single showerhead spraying water down into a tub enclosure. While that remains the most popular and practical shower option for most homes, many homeowners want something more.

Shower systems have become more like an experience rather than just taking a shower to get clean. Of course if you just want to get clean, the single showerhead is one way to make that happen. But why not enjoy the experience and look forward to taking a shower each day since it’s something you have to do anyways? Shower system products come with a variety of features designed by various brands including Grohe America, Moen, Delta, Hansgrohe and others. Here are some products that are available so you can choose the best shower system to meet your needs.

Grohe Shower System Grohe

Complete Grohe shower systems combine all the elements of a great shower in one product. Or, for a unique and personalized showering experience, create a custom shower.

Grohe Shower systems
Shower panels and systems are complete ready-to-fit showers. They combine a thermostat with a handshower and/or a head shower and often include storage space for shower gels and shampoos. Because of the nature of their design, many models are suitable for retro fitting – allowing you to replace an existing shower combination without needing to re-tile the bathroom.

Grohe Custom showers
Custom showers combine multiple shower outlets. You can combine as many hand, head or side showers as you wish, however your water pressure and the capacity of your hot water tank will determine what is possible. This is a project best left to the professionals, so seek advice. Learn more about Grohe custom showers.

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Delta Shower System Delta

Delta shower systems are designed to fit a variety of configurations. Most importantly, yours.

When it comes to jetted and custom showers, Delta Faucet Company is committed to providing the most luxurious, user-pleasing experience possible. Delta's 18, 18T, and 17T Series custom shower options feature our proprietary (and truly invigorating) H20kinetic Technology.®And we’re the only shower manufacturer that offers a semi-custom shower (the 18 and 18T Series), which provides a jetted shower experience without having to resize the plumbing pipes, drain or water heater. Simply put, Delta shower systems are designed around the things that matter most—like the people who actually use them.

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Hansgrohe Shower System Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe Shower Systems
Since 1901, Hansgrohe has produced high-quality products for the shower – with passion and a sharp eye for successful innovation. A trendsetter for bath and shower products, Hansgrohe has developed original innovations such as Raindance AIR technology and the iBox Universal Plus. Hansgrohe continues this success story with PuraVida, featuring pure, sensual forms and innovative dual finish technology.

Raindance® E Showerheads.
Matching all E series faucets, new Raindance E showerheads are a perfect addition to the E style world. The rectangular shape
was chosen with the shape of the human body in mind – particularly the width of the shoulders. These new showerheads are available in three sizes, up to 17" wide, in chrome, brushed nickel and polished nickel. Thanks to their slim design and reduced height, the showerheads have a light appearance. The E 420 2-Jet offers the wide Rainflow waterfall spray for an entirely unique shower experience.

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Moen Shower Systems Moen

Vertical Spa Shower Systems
Moen's vertical spa options surround you in water from every angle. Customize your spa with a combination of body sprays, showerheads and hand showers. Plus, water temperature and pressure is perfectly controlled and dialed up to your exact demands for a luxurious shower every time. Get more details on Moen Shower Systems.

Rainshower Showerheads
Featuring an enlarged spray face, these oversized showerheads simulate the look and feel of a natural rainfall in your bathroom. New Moen technology provides a strong, invigorating rainshower experience with full coverage enveloping the entire body. Multi-setting rainshower showerheads personalize the water delivery from the spray nozzles ranging from a full to a concentrated spray.

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Types of Shower Systems

Steam Systems
The steam room shower system is just like it sounds – it has a steam function that helps you relax and wash away the troubles of the day. Many athletes use this type of shower system in order to loosen up their muscles and open their pores. Steam is great for sore, aching muscles so this type of shower system would be ideal for any type of profession which includes a great deal of physical activity and exercise. Many steam room shower systems come with a whirlpool attached for even greater relaxation.

Shower Panels
Installing shower panels into your shower system makes every shower a great experience. The best part about shower panels is that you do not necessarily need to do major renovations to your bathroom in order to enjoy this type of shower system. Shower panels include a wall or more than one wall of mechanisms that spray water directly at you from various angles. This type of shower system typically includes an overhead shower as well as convenient storage areas for your shampoo, conditioner, soap and other necessities you use to get clean. The design allows you to hook the shower panels into your existing water source rather than retiling the bathroom which is why these panels are becoming so popular in today’s homes.

Customized Shower Systems
Must like shower panels, customized shower systems can include several showerheads spraying you from different angles. However, with a customized shower system, you can have as many showerheads as you want installed in your enclosure. These shower systems take more work and they are more costly to install because they are not designed to fit with your existing shower. These customized designs may even require you to do some remodeling to your bathroom in order to install them correctly and you may have to upgrade your hot water heater depending on the number of showerheads you want to install. Because of the changes that will need to be made to install a customized shower system, it is always best to leave this type of job to professionals and get an idea of the cost before diving into the project.

Types of Shower System Spray Options

Spray Patterns
When choosing your shower head, there are a number of spray patterns for you to choose from. Grohe American offers several different shower heads that provide various spray patterns to help you have the best shower each time depending on your mood. The different shower spray patterns deliver different sensations so you can choose which one you want based on how you want to feel.

Pure Spray
The pure spray pattern is designed to shoot out a wide stream of water with extra pressure. This is ideal for helping you wake up in the morning or for nursing those sore muscles with the extra hot water and pressure added to it.

Jet Spray
The jet spray shower pattern comes out with even more force than the pure spray but it delivers several smaller streams of water over an increased area.

Rain Spray
If you choose a rain spray shower pattern, you will get several delicate streams of water flowing down with very little pressure. This is great for just relaxing and letting the water soothe your skin just before you turn in for the night.

Champagne Spray
A champagne spray pattern is much like a rain spray but it also has air bubbles to provide a more luxurious and relaxing feeling.

Pulsating Spray
If you are looking for a shower spray pattern to relax you, the pulsating spray is your best option. This type of spray is both therapeutic and relaxing.

Normal Spray
This is the most widely used spray pattern for taking a shower because it helps you freshen up and get clean. It has the right amount of pressure for rinsing off the soap and shampoo and it is refreshing at the same time.

Dream Spray
Designed and produced by Grohe America, the Dream Spray technology is a truly unique spray pattern that is included with all Grohe shower systems. The technology combines the ideal amount of pressure with the perfect distribution of water for a luxurious showering experience each time.

Water & Pressure for Shower Systems

Shower systems are ideal for people who want a complete shower experience every time they want to get clean, refreshed or just relax. However, if your existing shower system has flow restrictors installed, you may not enjoy the pressure you would expect from a complete system. Due to legislation to help save water throughout North America, flow restrictors are installed on many new shower systems to limit the water flow to less than 2.5 gallons per minute, or GPM. Shower heads contain these devices to help meet that limitation. Since the flow restrictors and flow controllers are located within the shower head to limit the water usage, you cannot increase the pressure by increasing your home’s overall water pressure.

On the other hand, you can increase the amount of pressure coming out of the shower by removing the restricting unit from the shower head itself. The amount of difference in pressure you will feel depends on your home’s actual water pressure. If you have a 60PSI or higher water pressure in your home and you remove the restricting unit from the shower head, you will feel a big difference after removing the unit. With the proper plumbing, you can install a pressure booster for even more water pressure. Just remember that the increased pressure will mean higher levels of water being used so your energy and water bills will increase as a result. If it becomes too much, you can always replace the controller and get your water usage back under control.