Toto Washlets for Clean Living and Mother Nature

At Faucet Depot, we know that you likely put environmentally sound plumbing products on the top of your home’s “wish list”. That’s why we have unbeatable prices on our big selection of Toto Washlets that can help you in your efforts to help the environment and save precious natural resources. A washlet can virtually eliminate the need that your family has for toilet paper, while providing the added health benefit of ultimate cleansing each time you use the bathroom. What’s more, if you or someone in the home is elderly or limited in mobility by disease or injury, a bidet can help by allowing those who find basic toileting needs difficult to perform.

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Toto Washlets

Though the innovative features vary by model, the possibilities include:

• Auto-flush activated by sensors or the simple touch of a button
• Automatic open/close lid activated by sensors, or the remote control
• Hands-free, SoftClose seat/lid close smoothly without slamming
• Gentle, aerated warm water delivered by the wand
• Front and rear cleansing options
• Massage feature
• Warm-air drying with variable three-temperature setting
• Automatic air purifier
• Heated seat with temperature control
• Convenient wireless remote control with large LCD panel
• Easy-to-remove docking station for easy cleaning and installation
• Reinforced base plate for enhanced durability

How Does the Washlet Work?

The Washlet is designed to introduce you to a level unprecedented comfort, while delivering on the promise of maximum cleanliness. At your command, an integrated, self-cleaning nozzle extends to release a warm, soothing stream of aerated water to provide the ultimate in personal cleansing.

Front & Rear Washing
Warm Air Dyer
Heated SoftClose Seat
Self-Cleaning Wand

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