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Walk in Tubs - Benefits & How to Choose

Walk-in bathtubs are a safe and practical choice for a household that has an older, less steady individual, or someone with some sort of disability that make it harder for them to get up and down out of a regular style bathtub. Such a tub can help restore an individual’s dignity because it helps them to be able to take care of themselves and not fear falling. These ingenious tubs are made by several companies and there are models for both in-home and commercial uses.

Features of a Walk-in Tub

Walk-in bathtubs have a door on them that can be made to open either inward or outward, depending on preference or the size of the room. The bather can just walk in and sit down on the seat inside. Once the door is fastened, it closes with a water tight seal so you don’t have to worry about water leaking everywhere.

Safety First

Walk-in bathtubs are meant to ensure the safety of the bather. They have built in seating, so a person who can’t stand up can wash themselves easily. They have safety rails on the inside and outside so someone can have support to get in and out of the tub, as well as non-skid strips places in the area on the bottom of the tub to keep the bather from slipping.

A bather only has to step up about an inch or two to get into one of these innovative tubs, meaning less of a chance of tripping when they step inside. Once inside, they can fill it up with water for a bath or use the handheld shower feature. And when it’s time to get out, they can grip the handy safety rail, drain the water, open the door and step out just as easily.

Offers Independence, Dignity

The main thing with these tubs is the sense of independence and restored dignity that they give the users. It’s a wonderful feeling for someone who previously had to have help in the bath; they can now safely take a bath or shower with either less help or completely on their own. This can be a great boost to their self-esteem.

Takes Up Less Space

Another benefit is that they take up far less space than a traditional tub. This makes them a great choice for a small bathroom. They also come in several shapes, depths, and sizes to fit just about any bathroom area.

As you can see, there are many reasons, from space to safety, for you to select a walk-in tub. You will find walk-in tubs at Faucet Depot in a variety of price points. Shop our walk-in tubs now!

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