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General Information About the EPA WaterSense Program

EPA realized that managing water supplies was becoming an increasingly important issue to local markets around the country. Through this national program, local water utilities, product manufacturers, and retailers will work with EPA to encourage the use of water-efficient products and practices among consumer and commercial audiences.

What is the goal of WaterSense?
The main goal of the program is to decrease indoor and outdoor nonagricultural water use through more efficient products, equipment, and programs. With its recognizable label, WaterSense helps consumers easily identify water-efficient products in the marketplace while ensuring product performance and encouraging innovation in manufacturing.

What products will be included in the WaterSense program?
Irrigation professionals and residential plumbing products are among the first categories in the program. EPA plans to research several options to expand product areas in the future, including additional indoor and outdoor home products, as well as commercial products.

How will water-efficient products and programs be labeled/recognized?
EPA developed the WaterSense label to differentiate products in the marketplace that meet EPA criteria for efficiency and performance, as well as programs that meet EPA criteria for water efficiency. The label will appear on product cartons and packaging, be adhered directly to the product, be featured on in-store displays, and be found in manufacturer literature and Web sites. EPA also maintains a registry of labeled products on the WaterSense Web site. 

Interested in learning more?  Visit the official EPA WaterSense Web Site.

For more information in the state of Georgia, view this PDF.  For more information on the state of New York, view this PDF.
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