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Chronomite M20L/277 (120F) Instant-Flow Micro Tankless Water Heater

Chronomite M20L/277 (120F) Instant-Flow Micro Tankless Water Heater
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Model: ZCHRM-20L-277V

UPC: 647266101302

M20L/277 Chronomite (120F) Instant-Flow Micro Tankless Water Heater
The Instant-Flow Micro Instant Water Heater features a factory preset temperature using digital microprocessor technology. This instant water heater responds to fluctuations in incoming water temperature, pressure, and flow rate regulating the water temp over 100 times per second. This eliminates the concern of scalding as well as the need for mixing valves. It offers the same compact size, easy installation, unlimited hot water, as well as being up to 50% more energy efficient than instant water heaters without microprocessors. The Instant-Flow Micro is great for lavatories, sinks, and numerous other special applications.
Chronomite also integrates energy and water savings with cost savings and many features which contribute to a safer environment. With Chronomite, gas leaks are eliminated, and the self-cleaning feature of the microprocessor technology prevents alkali and calcification buildup, so there is less possibility for tank corrosion and flooding and less maintenance and operational costs.
  • Applications: Public Lavatory, Non-Public Lavatory, Kitchen/ Bar Sink, Service Sink, Scrub Sink, Shower & other Special Applications
  • Factory Preset Temperature
  • 99% Energy Efficient
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Unlimited Hot Water
  • Meets ADA Requirements
  • Made in the USA
  • Low Flow 0.5 GPM Flow Rate
  • Change T Temp Rise at 0.5 GPM: 75 degrees F
  • Watts: 5540
  • Amps: 20
  • 120 degrees F factory preset setting
  • Preset temperature setting meets Health Code requirements

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