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Dahl 511-PRPX3-31 Supply Stops Mini-ball Valve

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Dahl 511-PRPX3-31 Supply Stops Mini-ball Valve
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Model: 511-PRPX3-31

UPC: 773341904114

Finish: Chrome
511-PRPX3-31 Dahl Supply Stops Mini-ball Valve

Turn off water supply. Install product. Turn on water supply, check for leaks. dahl assumes no responsibility for failure due to improper installation. Abide by local plumbing codes. Do not expose to corrosive agents.

F1960 COLD EXPANSION CONNECTION FOR PEX-A ONLY: Follow tube manufacturer's instructions. Warning: Do not attempt to use PEX connections with Poly-B tubing or vice versa.

COMPRESSION ON COPPER PIPE: Do not use pipe dope or PTFE tape. Pipe must be clean, de-burred, round, & cut square. Slide nut, then ring, then valve onto pipe. Tighten firmly with small wrench. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Compression on plastic tube: Follow tube manufacturer's instructions; Special ring, nut, or insert may be required.

1/2 F1960 X 3/8 OD Comp, Straight , Chrome Plated

  • Material : Lead-Free Brass
  • Pattern : Straight
  • Finish : Chrome Plated
  • Operation : Nickel Plated Handle
  • Inlet Pipe Type : PEX-F1960
  • Inlet Size : 1/2 F1960
  • Outlet Pipe Type : Copper Compression
  • Outlet Size : 3/8 OD Comp

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