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Laing E1-BCAFNCTW-01 Autocirc E1 Recirculating Pump with Fixed Thermostat and Timer

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Laing E1-BCAFNCTW-01 Autocirc E1 Recirculating Pump with Fixed Thermostat and Timer
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E1-BCAFNCTW-01 Laing Autocirc E1 Recirculating Pump with Fixed Thermostat and Timer

This Autocirc lead-free pump is designed with a highly efficient, electronically commutated, permanent magnet motor (ECM/PM technology) specifically for potable water systems. This unique design is perfect for retrofits. The Autocirc is the most efficient system, turning on only when the system needs to be replenished with hot water. The pump is installed under the sink farthest from the water heater where hot water takes the longest to arrive. No recirculation pipe required!

The pump is controlled by a timer and thermostat. A built-in temperature sensor automatically turns the pump ON when water temperature in the hot water line cools down to 85°F. Water is then pumped from the hot to cold line. The pump turns OFF automatically when water temperature reaches 95°F, ensuring instant availability of shower warm water with maximum temperature hot water only seconds behind. When the pump is OFF, a built-in auto closure device prevents any other hot-to-cold line or cold-to-hot line mix. The pump is also equipped with 24 hour, adjustable timer to provide the most cost effective method of operation. The timer can be programmed to run only during the time periods when hot water is most frequently required.

  • Silent during operation
  • Requires only one pump and one installation for all fixtures on the hot water plumbing line
  • Does not require a return line
  • Installs within minutes, directly under the sink
  • Saves the average family of four thousands of gallons of water annually
  • Saves money and pays for itself in a short period of time
  • Built-in 24-hour timer which allows the selection of system operating periods to suit family usage
  • Built-in fixed thermostat
  • Comes complete with a 6 ft. long power cord
  • Compact spherical motor design
  • Energy efficient ECM motor
  • Maintenance free without blockage
  • Single bearing design

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