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Arrowhead Brass

Founded in 1936, Arrowhead BRass manufactures high quality American made hose bibbs, sill faucets, boiler drains, compression stops, washing machine valves, log lighter valves and bars, standard and anti-siphon frost proof hydrants and vacuum breakers.

Arrowhead focuses on using top quality materials such as red brass, stainless steel handle and seat washer screws and type "M" copper on their frost proof hydrants.

Arrowhead Brass has been providing contractors with high quality, high reliability products that have been Made in the U.S.A for over 75 years. Arrowhead believes their main objective is to improve a contractor's productivity, which will reduce call backs. The majority of products containing the Arrowhead brand name are made in the USA, a few items as well as some minor components are imported.
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