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Blue Flame Products

More than 55 years ago, Joe Leighton, invented the first log lighter to ignite wood in a fireplace, instead of using paper and kindling. Blue Flame Exclusive Air/Gas mixing chamber eliminates high cost gas bills by not burning raw gas. For one hour of burn time, it costs the end user 40cents. Today this product is still the most efficient way to start and maintain a crackling fire. Understanding the concerns of poor air quality, Blue Flame is proud to have data, which shows by using a Blue Flame Log Lighter to ignite wood in a fireplace, that there is a 50% reduction in emissions. They are a family business that strives to keep the American passion of enjoying a wood burning fireplace alive, while helping clean up the air quality. Enjoying a wood burning fireplace with family and friends, brings back memories of when times were simpler.

blue flame plumbing and utility

Blue Flame Plumbing and Utility

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