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Caroma Toilets

Caroma toilets, dual flush toilets and urinals are used by businesses and households for exceptional performance and stylish design while conserving valuable water resources. Shop Caroma from at low prices, inclding Caroma sinks and high efficiency dual flush toilets that add style and water conservation to any bathroom.

caroma bathroom fixtures

Caroma Bathroom Fixtures

Caroma Toilets

Caroma USA, Inc supplies North America with premium products for the bathroom. Caroma is firmly dedicated to satisfying their consumers with customer service that is superior to others.

One of Australia's finest! The Australian company, Caroma manufactures a wide range of bathroom products that are among the most pleasing in appearance as well as technologically advanced around the world.

Caroma is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative bathroom products, including sinks and high efficiency dual flush toilets. The company's high performance products have set new standards not only for water conservation, but also for high style. With its superior technology and exceptional design, Caroma products are the sustainable choice of professionals for commercial and residential projects worldwide.

Caroma Toilets

Toilet Technology with Two Button Dual Flushing

Caroma USA, Inc. introduced the first two button system with dual flush during the 1980's. During the 90's, Caroma's team of researchers and developers produced the superior 1.6/0.8 gallon two button flush system with dual flush.

Caroma award winning toilets are performance proven. Many major hotels throughout the world have accepted these toilets for their uses. These toilets are user friendly and water saving. These toilets have a 4" trap that helps to prevent blockages.

Water Conserving Toilets by Caroma

Caroma USA, Inc. is a leader in the industry of product innovation. The smartest choice is to select a Caroma toilet system. Over the past fifty years, Caroma has:

  • Saved customers nearly 18,000 gallons of water each year. (Based on a family of four average of 5 flushes/person/day at 1:4 solid/liquid usage using 3.5 gal/13 ltr toilet.)
  • Manufactured products that have proven their reliability.
  • Delivered products with proven technology that are recognized in the industry as award winning.
Recognized as a leader in the world for dual flush technology, Caroma blends smart modern designs with performance to cut down water usage in the bathroom. This aids in conserving the most valued resource in the world.

Caroma Toilet Seats

Caroma delivers a variety of toilet seats. Each is compatible with the Round Front Plus and toilets that are elongated. From the commercially used heavy duty open front seats to seats that are made of authentic wood, there is sure to be a Caroma toilet seat to fit your individual style.

Caroma Toilets Seata

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