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CECO Sinks

CECO is a privately owned corporation established in 1928 in Los Angeles, California. Their manufacturing facilities and headquarters are now located in Huntington Park, California. Their products consist of various porcelain enameled cast-iron plumbing fixtures. CECO's core competencies include an established, high quality manufacturing process, the ability to quickly deliver the product to the customer, the ability to customize products by color, and an established distribution network on the wholesale level.

ceco kitchen sinks and accessories

Ceco Kitchen Sinks and Accessories

ceco plumbing parts and supplies

Ceco Plumbing Parts and Supplies

Because of years of extensive experience and the desire to remain a privately owned operation, CECO has developed a reputation for our ability to efficiently produce and deliver high quality plumbing fixtures. They have our own foundry and enameling operations that provide excellent quality control of cast and enameled product.

Over the years, CECO has produced product for the majority of American plumbing fixture manufacturers or OEMs. CECO manufactured enameled cast-iron plumbing fixtures for American Standard after the closure of their foundry in Louisville, Kentucky. The majority of their cast-iron product, both commercial and residential, was supplied by CECO for nearly five years. CECO currently manufactures cast-iron products for The HAWS Company.

The CECO product line ranges from floor sinks to lavatories, from commercial service sinks to high fashion kitchen fixtures. Commercially successful on a national level throughout the years, CECO's residential products have been very successful on a regional basis. Since 1928, CECO's product offering has been expanded to include many innovative and functional sizes and designs that other manufacturers do not offer. They recently implemented a strategic expansion program and are looking forward to our 76th year in business.


CECO manufactures a superior line of porcelain enameled cast-iron sinks for residential and commercial plumbing systems, delivering quality craftsmanship and genuine care.


Among the wide variety of kitchen sinks available today few materials have earned a top spot like Cast Iron. Cast Iron sinks have been around for some time, because they're long lasting and attractive. And today they're available in a wide variety of colors, styles and price ranges. Self Rimming cast iron sinks are DIY-friendly, but may require more caulk to seal the gaps between the countertop and the sink. A drop-in cast iron sink installation will cost less than an undermount cast iron sink installation, which is more labor-intensive.

The Basics: Cast Iron kitchen sinks are composed of two layers. The foundation layer is a heavy, durable iron alloy, which is then coated in a thick enamel top layer. Together the layers create an impervious surface with a lustrous finish.

Advantages: When it comes to durability and attractiveness, a Cast Iron sink certainly fits the bill. A heavy foundation means these sinks can take a lifetime of use. The material retains heat well, which is a benefit when washing a lot of dishes by hand.

In addition to their durability, these sinks also boast an attractive finish. The thick enamel top layer has a beautiful glossy sheen. It's most often white, but it can be done in a range of colors.

Sustainability: Most Cast Iron sinks are made from a high percentage, often 80 percent or more, of recycled and reclaimed iron, making them an excellent choice for the ecology responsible consumer.

Maintenance: The polished enamel surface is nonporous, making for a stain resistant and easy-to-clean sink. They are very easy to clean and their smooth, glossy finish helps hide water spots and streaks. A thorough rinsing and wipe-down with a soft cloth is recommended after each use. Avoid abrasive cleaners and tools, which can dull or scratch the finish.


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