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Central Brass

For over 100 years, Central Brass has made the same brass faucets and fixture fittings they started making in 1895, and they are made the same way today as they were made back then, with a combination of quality craftsmanship, rugged components and bodies cast of solid brass. Today, the Central Brass "trouble free" faucets and fixture fittings are the preferred choice of professional plumbing contractors for their long lasting design, durability and proven dependability.

All Central Brass faucets feature solid cast brass bodies, ceramic or compression stems, easy to clean PVD chrome and easy to get replacement parts. All of their drinking water system faucets meet and exceed rigid standards for safety. Central Brass faucets are so widely used by plumbers because they know the faucets are there to stay. Plumbers stake their reputation on the faucets everyday because they know the faucets will continue to perform as they are intended for years to come and they won't have to go back and replace them due to malfunction.

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