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Church Toilet Seats

The Church Seat Company of Holyoke, Massachusetts, was founded in 1904 by Charles F. Church. It was the first company to bring a white toilet seat to the market, using a process of forming white pyroxylin around a solid wood core. The seat achieved immediate acceptance by the public and also by the plumbing trade, where varnished oak and mahogany were the norm.

church bathroom fixtures

Church Bathroom Fixtures

Church Seats have been a familiar and respected name for over a 100 years. Market research proves Church is still the most specified seat in the nation. The reason for this massive popularity is the company's focus on providing the most innovative new products which are engineered with the highest quality in mind. Today, quality continues to be at the heart of the Church Seat Company. With manufacturing and nationwide distribution facilities in a centralized location, Church is always ready to meet the needs of any job and is still, "The Best Seat in the House."

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Church Toilet Seats has been a respected and familiar name in the plumbing industry. A century later, Church is still one of the most popular names and the most sought after toilet seats on the country. So how does Church do it? By continually providing innovative, fresh products that are built with the highest standards in mind! Church’s products are organized by “good” , “better”, and “best” to make it easy to see at a glance which product is right for your home or business.

You will find a Church toilet seat for all price points and jobs. Church has a strong support team and customer service. Church toilet seats are marketed and sold by experience and educated professionals in Church’s unique nationwide network. Churchs’ customer service has built a solid reputation for their helpful and knowledgeable staff. Church’s marketing support team provides up-to-date, colorful spec sheets, literature, and product bulletins, and Church advertises nationally as well.

Church Seats

Church continues to meet and exceed its customer’s needs and has been a consistent leader in the industry. Church’s commitment to quality, expertise, and support makes it a top choice for tomorrow as well. Church has over a million square feet of space for manufacturing that is devoted solely to compression molding and injection and is ready to help your business grow.

Church offers high-quality toilet seats for both the residential sector and commercial fields. Church also offers easy installation of the toilet seat with a simple step-by-step technique. Just choose the type of seat, regular or elongated, and whether you want an open or closed front. It’s that simple.

Today’s toilet seat is not limited to just standard ivory or white. You will find colors like sky blue,s pice mocha, antique pink, and peach/coral. Church toilet seats also have enhanced features as compared to a standard toilet seat, including a slow-close lid, Ultima hinges, self-sustaining check hing, and is built with Fire Pro fire-retardant materials. Church Seat Company also offers toilet seats that are geared specifically towards those with medical problems and limited mobility, such as lift seats and safety side-arm seats.

Church Commercial Plastic
Church Commercial
Plastic Toilet Seat
Church Residential Plastic
Church Residential
Plastic Toilet Seat
Church Residential Wood
Church Residential
Wood Toilet Seat
Church Decorator Toilet Seat
Church Decorator
Toilet Seat

Church Eljer
Church Eljer
Toilet Seat
Church Medic-Aid
Church Medic-Aid
Toilet Seat

Church Toilet Seat Features

Slow-Close / Lift-Off Hinge
  • The slow close feature found on Church toilet seats prevents accidental slamming shut of the toilet seat lid, allowing the lid time to close and allows for the lid to be closed with a mere touch.
  • Church toilet seats feature a patented lift off feature that allows the seat to be removed in its entirety. To do so, simply twist the one-of-a-kind high performance hing cap, lifting the seat completely off.

You will find the slow close/lift off hinge standard on these Church seats: 300SLOW, 380SLOW

Church Seat Slow-Close / Lift-Off Hinge

The Ultimate Hinge by Church

  • The seats in the Church Fine Line feature Ultima hinges. Ultima hinges are the sturdiest and strongest hinges made. Distinctively styled and coordinated to go with the seat, the Ultima hinge ensues an elegant look with a no-wobbles fit.

Church’s External Check Hinges

  • This type of hinge allows the seat to be raised around eleven degrees beyond the traditional vertical position. This will protect the toilet seat by keeping it clear from the toilet’s flush valve.

Top-Loc Hinges

  • With Top-Loc hinges, you get added durability and strength with a classic design. And with color coordinated hinges, the hinge is made with either a nylon or stainless steel pintle. For easy installation, the post tightens from the top.

Church Self Sustaining Check Hinges

  • Church check hinges are designed to securely hold the toilet seat in any position that it is raised in. This is ideal for applications for the physically challenged, those with limited mobility, the elderly, and for application in the hospital setting.

Fire Retardant Fire Pro Material and Church

  • Church toilet seats have been treated with or constructed with Fire Pro fire-retardant materials that meet the flammability rating for UL-94VO.

Church Toilet Seats and Duraguard Anti-Microbial

  • Every Medic-aid seat from Church is molded with Duraguard anti-microbial agents to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew and molds and to make the seat odor and stain resistant.

Eco-Conscious Paint Process from Church

The Church Seats Company has a commitment to the environment. As an eco-conscious company, Church’s painting department has been working to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, in the paint that they use. Church made this decision a long time ago – before VOCs began to draw national media attention and before laws requiring the reduction of VOCs was on the books. VOCs released by Church have been reducing steadily over the years.

Further, the emissions from the manufacturers where Church buys its paint have been affected positively and begun to produce more water-based paints than ever before. With an environmentally friendly paint process, everyone wins. How? By increasing quality, Church wins. Through improved processing, Church’s suppliers wins. And with reduced emissions, the planet wins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Church Toilet Seats (FAQs)

Why is the color of my seat fading? Why does my seat have scratch marks?
The cleaner that you use on the seat could be the cause! Oftentimes, the abrasives used in cleaners are too harsh. Never use bleach on your Church seat, but opt instead for mild soap and water. Avoid bleach, scouring pads, and aerosol sprays.

What is the bolt-spread of Church toilet seats?
The standard bolt-spread is 5 ½”.

Do any Church toilet seats come with a larger (than 5.5 inches) bolt-spread?
For a 10-inch bolt-spread, try American Standard models LC212, EL270, and NW209E10. For a 7.5 inch bolt-spread that bolts to the tank, go for Case brand 1900CCP or 800CCP. You can order these through wholesale or retail outlets.

Does Church make seats that have certain materials, like leaves or money, embedded in them?
No, we don't - sorry!

Whenever I pull the toilet seat down, the lid comes down with it – sometimes crashing down! What would cause that to happen?
It could be that the hinge is too tight. This will loosen up with repeatedly opening and shutting it.

Why are there not two sets of bumpers on Church seats?
Church’s toilet seats are built to accommodate a standardized degree of slant in varied types of china. The engineers at Church have made the determination that just one set of bumpers are needed for a good fit.

For the fashionable Church seat, what size is the insert?
The insert for the fashionable Church seat is 10 1/4th inches wide and 11 ½ inches long.

Even though I have tightened the dial on my hinge completely, the hinge is still loose. What could cause this?
Sticky washers are just that – sticky on both sides. Be sure that you remove the paper on both sides of the washer so that one side sticks to your toilet bowl while the other sticks to the underside of the hinge.

When I tighten the dial on the hinge all the way, it is still loose. Why?
The pintle located on the underside of your hinge has 2 cut slots. You need to line the notches of your bolt up to the slots and then hold the bolt while you turn the screw. This will cause the bolt to rise while the notches will put the pintle out. This will secure your Church toilet seat.

Should the hinges matches in color on all Church models?
Yes. You may notice a slight difference, however.

The PremEuro seat has a bracket that is larger than its hinge holes. Why?
This is so that when you screw the bolt , the PremEuro’s bracket will imbed into the hinge. This holds the sides in order to provide a fit that is more secure.

Does the “MY OWN POTTY” product fit on both regular bowls and elongated bowls?

Why doesn’t my replacement soft seat look the same?
A design change back in 1998 allowed for additional padding.

The self sustaining hinges are very hard to move. Why?
These hinges are installed in the factory in a way that allows them to maintain their durability and last for a long time.

I have purchased a 200/1200TT seat. Will any part of it rust?
No. These seats have a pintle that is made from stainless steel.

I need to purchase replacement bumpers and hinges. How can I do this?
Replacement bumpers and hinges for Church seats built from molded wood and other materials are often found when shopping with plumbing contractors or wholesalers. Church Seats does not sell replacement parts to consumers. For plastic seats, bumpers and hinges cannot be replaced. Hinges are installed and bumpers are molded-in using special tools before the plastic “sets”.

I am considering purchasing MY OWN POTTY. How much weight does it hold?
MY OWN POTTY has a weight limit of 100 pounds.

How much weight can the My Own Potty hold?
It adequately holds up to 100 pounds.

Can hinges HG38 and HG06 be replaced?
No. These hinges were installed before the plastic had cooled during the molding process.

I need replacement hinges and bumpers for my plastic Church seat. Where do I get those?
These hinges and bumpers cannot be replaced. They were installed with special tools or molded in before the plastic cooled during the manufacturing process.

I need more sticky washers. What part number should I order?
Please order part number 1B545 1250.
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