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Clarke Tubs

When looking for bathing products that can be trusted, look to Clarke. With more than 25 years of creating exceptional and innovative baths and more, Clarke has earned the reputation for innovation, quality, safety, and style. All this while keeping their products affordable. Clarke is the manufacturing leader in acrylic shower bases and was the first company in the United States to use acrylic in their shower stall production. They now produce kitchens sinks in acrylic as well. With years of cutting edge design and craftsmanship, Clarke will continue to have a strong presence in the bathing products industry.

clarke bathroom fixtures

Clarke Bathroom Fixtures

Walk In Tubs by Clarke

For over twenty five years, quality bathing products have been created by Clarke. These products offer great value and overall elegance. Clarke is well known for producing products with exceptional quality and style. Clarke has a wide selection of showers, acrylic jetted tubs and bath, laundry and kitchen sinks that are acrylic as well. All of these products showcase the innovation that Clarke uses in designing and manufacturing products.

Clarke has a strong dedication to deliver products that are affordable and elegant. Clarke strives to continue their legacy of innovation and style.


In the United States, Clarke was the very first company to produce sinks and shower bases in acrylic materials. In the industry today, Clark continues to lead the market in sink and shower base production.

Passages Walk in Baths by Clarke

Passages Walk In Baths by Clarke are easily and safely accessible giving customers a certain degree of freedom in use. Passages Walk In Baths feature doors that are extra wide, microban, assistance bar, low threshold, floor that is slip resistant and textured, and an ADA height seat.

Baths for an Extra Deep Soak

Extra deep soaking baths emphasize luxury and relaxation. You can indulge yourself in a spacious bathing well. The floor is textured to provide slip resistance. Edges and corners are softly sculptured to give the bath some sophistication as well as added safety.

Air Baths that Pamper

Pampering Air Baths provide a soft massage to caress your body for ultimate relaxation. Bubbles are created that will provide a therapeutic massage. Air jets are strategically located around the lower sidewalls of the bath to deliver bubbling contentment to the user.

Clarke Walk In Tubs

Clarke Designs

Clarke collaborates with top designers from around the world to achieve the most beautiful and timeless designs in our industry. Implementing equal measures of original creative design with integration of advanced technologies, our aim is to produce museum-quality bathroom products fit for the most discriminating clientele.

Clarke Design

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