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One of the most trusted names in home plumbing is Decolav. Decolav is a top manufacturer of sinks for the bathroom, including top of the line pedestal and wall-mounted sinks. Decolav has quickly become an award- winning manufacturer of high-quality products for the bathroom. Notably, Decolav produts are found in some of the world's most prestigious hotels, including the Trump International and Hard Rock, among others.

decolav bathroom sinks

Decolav Bathroom Sinks

decolav bathroom fixtures

Decolav Bathroom Fixtures

decolav plumbing parts and supplies

Decolav Plumbing Parts and Supplies

Bathroom Vanities and Sinks by Decolav

Broan is a registered trademark of Broan-NuTone LLC, and is North America's leading premier manufacturer and distributor of various residential ventilation systems and products. Broan's line includes range hoods, heater/fan/light combo units, ventilation fans, indoor air quality systems, whole house fans, attic ventilation systems, built-in heaters, trash compactors and paddle fans. NuTone is a registered trademark of NuTone Inc, which is a subsidiary company of Broan-NuTone and a leading manufacturer and distributor of built-in convenience products for the home, such as central vacuuming systems and door chimes. Broan-NuTone is pleased to be a partner with Energy Star.

Decolav Sinks

Sinks with Shape by Decolav

Sinks most usually draw the eye to focus on simple shapes such as ovals, squares, circles and rectangles. When you select the shape for your sink, you must imagine how it will blend with the other parts of your bathroom such as the bathtub, mirror or vanity. When shapes contrast in harmony in a room the appeal is more pleasing.

Decolav Sinks

Lavatories that are Under Mount

Under mount lavatories are much more pleasing as well as easy to clean. This type of lavatory sits just below a countertop and attaches easily against the underside. A waterproof joint is formed by using silicone based sealants in between the countertop and lavatory. After installing, you can ensure that the under mount lasts by using the hardware for mounting that is included along with the silicone.

Decolav Under Mount Sinks

Make Choice that is Sophisticated

Using a glass vessel that is transparent can help to make a boldly dramatic statement in the bathroom. Decolav is proud to bring beautiful products to their customers that are safe. Decolav uses tempered glass vessels that are the industry's strongest to give any bathroom a contemporary and clean feel. These tempered glass vessels are durable to give you a certain degree of peace of mind.

Decolav Lavatory Sinks

Bathroom Furniture by Decolav

When you are attempting to create some space that is functional in your bathroom, Decolav has a console to fit your every need. Lavatory consoles are skillfully crafted to bring style to your bathroom while creating an amazing focal point.

Decolav Mirror

Popular Collections by Decolav

A Classically Redefined Collection by Decolav

Decolav's Classically Redefined Collection is a combination of lavatories and china vessels with designs that are trendy. These create harmony in any bathroom. Each piece of the collection has been double fired and durably glazed to resist staining.

Decolav Classically

Translucence by Decolav

Decolav's Translucence Collection focuses on glass vessels that are crafted with a unique blending of color, texture and shape. Each design can help to create your own personal getaway. For more durability and safety, you can choose from a large selection of vessels in tempered glass.

Decolav Translucence

Pedestals by Decolav

Use a Decolav pedestal sink in your bathroom to make the most out of the space. You can choose from elegant vitreous chine or meta sleek. A pedestal sink is the ideal solution for your bathroom regardless of its size. You can easily create a look the is your very won by using a pedestal that is metallic with a vessel from the beautiful Translucence Collection by Decolav.

Decolav Pedestals

Wall Mounts by Decolav

Wall mounts by Decolav are made to be efficient as well as stylish. They are perfect for any smaller bathroom in your home. There are many wall mount designs by Decolav that are stylish for you to choose from. You can choose the vessel you want to create the perfect look.

Decolav Wall Mounts

Simply Stainless by Decolav

Decolav's Simply Stainless Collection combines sophistication with ultimate durability in stainless steel to make your bathroom a modern and stylish oasis. You can choose from above the counter vessels to make a trendy statement or simply choose the drop in or under mount lavatory to add something new to the room.

Decolav Stainless

Ancahra by Decolav

Decolav's Ancahar delivers you with a new and stylish product to show your sophistication. This premier collection has pieces that blend modern tempered glasses with vitreous china, superb wood and other rich stones.

Decolav Ancahra

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