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Now, the green generation has the perfect solution to bathroom ventilation. Delta’s brand new Breeze Ventilation fan is the choice in green construction of the ideal bathroom. This ventilation fan is a pleasing selection for the aesthetics of your bathroom. When compared to other brands, it has a much quieter operation and uses a lot less power.

The largest provider of DC brushless fans and switching power supplies in the world is the Delta Group. This company is one of the main sources for solutions in power management, visual displays, components, networking products, industrial automation and solutions for renewable energy. Delta was first established in 1971. The company headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan. Worldwide sales offices as well as R&D centers are also located in Taiwan. There are Delta manufacturing plants located in Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, China, India, Slovakia and Brazil. In the United States, operations are headquartered with logistics distributions in Fremont, Ca.

Delta is a worldwide leader in the industry of power electronics. This company’s mission is to bring innovation and energy solutions that are efficient and clean to make tomorrow better. Delta strives to protect the environment. The Delta Group has put into place programs for waste management, recycling and lead-free production of products.