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Elkay Sinks

Almost one hundred years ago, a father and his son had a brilliant idea to make sinks that were the best on the market and give their customers excellent service. These goals were the basis of Elkay Manufacturing. Beginning in Chicago, Elkay USA has continuously grown into one of the industry leaders. With the growth, Elkay USA has remained firm on their dedication to producing products that are innovative and providing customer service that is exceptional.

With the changing demands of the marketplace, Elkay USA has grown to encompass the production of fountains, water coolers and faucets. Elkay also began a cabinetry division. In doing so, the company was able to achieve one of their main goals. This goal was to offer consumers a complete line of products for the kitchen. Most recently, Elkay began to offer a line of products for the purpose of water filtration. Customers benefit greatly from the extensive research processes that Elkay utilizes.

Elkay Kitchen Sink

Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains

Elkay is sure to have a water cooler or drinking fountain that will meet,or exceed, your specifications. Select from a wide variety of coolers and fountains that meet adult or child ADA standards, as well as coolers that offer the added assurance of our WaterSentry Plus Filter System.

A recent addition is our new EZH2O Bottle Filling Station. This new, innovative product line continues our commitment to delivering clean water and sustainable design. It provides a rapid fill of filtered water to quench thirst and minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment. Elkay offers the ideal cooler, fountain and bottle filling station for medical facilities, schools and universities, office buildings, airports, shopping malls, sports arenas and other high-traffic venues, for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Water Coolers


Elkay has been manufacturing quality stainless steel sinks since 1920. Over those years, our engineering and manufacturing methods have continued to evolve and set the industry standard. We also provide precision engineering to quartz, copper, fireclay, cast brass, and CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper sinks. Elkay has the ideal sink for commercial and residential applications, from healthcare facilities, schools and stadiums, to restaurants, airports, office buildings and single/multi-family homes.


Elkay offers the ideal drinking solution for medical facilities, schools and universities, office buildings, airports, shopping malls, and other high-traffic venues, for both indoor and outdoor installations. We have a wide variety of drinking fountains, water coolers, EZH2O bottle filling stations and chillers. Select from models that meet adult or child ADA standards, WaterSentry® Plus Filter System, or Vandal-Resistant models designed for tamper-resistance and high-traffic.


Elkay faucets are crafted from the best grade materials and precision engineered for maximum performance. Elkay faucets are timeless sculptures accenting the canvas of your home and showcasing your personal style. In addition, our extensive offering meets a wide range of commercial requirements. From healthcare facilities and schools, to restaurants, office buildings and single/multi-family homes, Elkay has the ideal faucet for your specific needs.

Elkay Avado Kitchen Sinks
Elkay Avado
Avado by Elkay brilliantly combines commercial integrity and modern under mount design that demands attention. The Avado has strong lines that flow into one another to deliver with great visual impact.
Elkay Elite Sink
Elkay USA is proud to bring their customers the Elite Gourmet Sink top. Customization of the Elite allows individuals to choose from optional backsplash, front panel, towel bar or cabinet.
Elkay Gourmet Stainless

Elkay Gourmet
With the Gourmet collection by Elkay, individuals can experience professional grade products to elevate their culinary desires. The design of the Gourmet collection shows great attention to functionality and form which creates a superb standard for every connoisseur.

Elkay Harmony
With a superior mix of modern and traditional themes, Elkay’s Harmony sinks exude certain sophistication while still embodied with simplicity. These sinks have flowing lines and curves. Sinks are available in various quality materials such as e-granite, copper, quartech and stainless steel. Each sink in this line offers consumers transitional geometry with profiles that are rounded and unique straight lines.

Elkay Lustertone Kitchen Sink
Elkay Lustertone
Lustertone by Elkay USA is the most popular of all sink collections. With exceptional durability, Lustertone sinks can withstand even the roughest kitchen abuse. Stainless steel sinks in the Lustertone collection are easily cleaned and resistant to scratching. These sinks are sanded, buffed and hand polished to give them any amazing finish. All sinks are made available in various styles with an assortment of finishes to blend with any style or décor. Lustertone sinks are designed in single, double or triple bowl. Consumers can choose an extra large bowl if needed. Sinks are produced with the needs of our customers in mind.
Elkay Mystic Sinks
Elkay Mystic
With shapes that naturally flow, Elkay’s Mystic sinks get their overall design from water. Mystic has an under mount design that makes it distinct yet contemporarily subtle.
Elkay Dayton Sinks

Elkay Dayton Sinks
Dayton offers a complete line of sinks, drains and accessories. From undermount, universal or top mount styles, Dayton sinks come in nearly every size and configuration and offer product lines and packages to meet every budget. All backed with the quality assurance of domestic manufacturing and customer care that is Dayton.

Residental by Elkay
Elkay USA gives its customers the opportunity to use their creativity to any extent imaginable. Customers will find this site offers a range of choices from the very basic essentials to unlimited possibilities in faucets, sinks, countertops and various accessories. You have found the right place to obtain simple needs or to enable your client to envision and receive perfection. Elkay brings everyone possibilities that are seemingly endless.

Elkay USA Commercial
Professionals choose Elkay USA for amazing quality and excellent customer service. When looking for stainless steel faucets, water coolers and sinks that are commercial grade, smart consumers look to Elkay. For nearly ninety years, we have produced top quality stainless steel products. For nearly any application, Elkay has the perfect sink, water cooler or faucet.

Under Mount Sinks by Elkay
To produce a look that is intergrated, Elkay’s Under Mount Sinks are easily affixed to engineered stone, natural stone or countertops with a solid surface. There are models with single, double or triple bowl designing. Bowls can be selected in copper, fine fireclay, stainless steel, quartech or e-granite materials. Features of Stainless Steel Sink
- Constructed of stainless steel in 12, 14, 16, or 18 gauge, type 304
- To better resist corrosion, Elkay’s Pursuit line for indoor and outdoor use is crafted of 16 or 18 gauge stainless steel in type 316.
- With the amazing Smart Support System, ELUHWS models offer a unique work shelf that rest about four inches below sink top.
- Choose depth of bowl up to 11 ½”
- Undercoating of heavy duty Sound Guard gives full protection to underside of various sinks.
- Lifetime limited warranty

Features of Copper Sink
- Made of uncoated 18 gauge materials
- Finishes in hammered mirror, satin or mirror
- Sink underside is undercoated completely
- Install universal mount sinks as top mount or under mount
- Lifetime limited warranty

Features of Antique Hammered Copper Sink
- Made of uncoated solid 16 gauge material
- Finish of Antique Hammered
- Pads for sound dampening
- Hand fabricated sinks
- Explore Sink by Elkay features Lifetime Limited Warranty
- Pieces molded of top grade fine fireclay. Fired at around 2250 degrees F then finished with a glaze for longevity, durability and shine.
- Glazed surface is non-porous. Will not stain and easily wiped clean.
- Surface will not scratch making it perfect for use with larger heavy pots and accessories.
- Fine fireclay sinks by Elkay resist cracking from thermal shock
- With warranty for one year, materials are dense reducing condensation and dampening sound

Features of Quartech Sink
- Provides excellent heat resistance of nearly 550 degrees F. Made of 85% natural quartz and fine resin.
- Molded material protects against antimicrobial production.
- Unique non-porous surface is very easy to clean.
- Great protection from unwanted damages to fine stemware and china with shock resistance.
- Versatile work bench gives additional space for preparation of meals and more.
- Available colors: white, black, husk and java.
- E-granite Sink by Elkay features Lifetime Limited Warranty.
- Molded from quality acrylic resins and 85% natural quartz
- Resistant to high heat
- Choose top or under mount for all universal mount sink installation.
- Hygienic surface is non-porous to prevent stains and make clean-up easy.
- Scratch resistant hard surface that won’t chip and provides resilience to reduce breakage of fine dinner and glassware.
- Tough surface is suitable for all common cleaning products.
- Realistic feel much like authentic stone
- Available in colors: white, black, bisque and mocha.
- Noise reduction during use or disposal running due to natural properties of sound reduction.
- Lifetime Limited Warranty

Additional Information on Elkay Plumbing Products
In 1920, Leopold Katz and son began the Elkay Manufacturing Company. Over the years, this company has remained determined to produce the finest products in the industry. Their focus has been on developing and producing high quality sinks and faucets made of stainless steel. Elkay strives to also give customer service that is first rate.

Hard work and determination has put Elkay at the top as the largest manufacturer of stainless steel sinks in the world.

When the construction industry began to boom, Elkay saw a need to respond by widening their product selection to meet customer needs. Elkay started the production of a water cooler line. The company soon acquired Cordley Temprite and Halsey Taylor. Shortly afterwards, Elkay purchased Revere Sinks and internationally expanded their company by purchasing E.B. Tecnica. After purchasing Phylirich International, Elkay was able to expand their faucet lines by marketing high fashion faucets and various other fixtures for the bathroom.