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Fans by Fantech

For over twenty years, Fantech has designed and researched air quality in order to bring amazing solutions in ventilation to the market. Their products give a better quality of air to the indoors of many buildings where individuals live and work. Some of the core ventilation products by Fantech include:

  • Superior inline fans for use in bathroom exhaust, dryer boosting and mitigation of radon.
  • Offers a complete line of air quality equipment for the indoors such as energy recovery and heat recovery ventilators as well as Hepa filtration for whole house use.
  •  CFM fans that are larger for commercial use such as rectangular, square and round duct inline centrifugal fans, exterior mounted fans for roof and wall, centrifugal fans with multi ports, axial fans that are low silhouette and air curtains.


Fantech was founded in 1987 and has remained firm on becoming the industries leader in air ventilation and movement.

Fantech has two manufacturing plants located in North America. In Sarasota, Florida is the corporate headquarters. A manufacturing plant that is 130,000 square feet is located in New Brunswick, Canada. There are distribution centers located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Reno, Nevada and Toronto, Ontario. These centers move products quickly through the United States and Canada.

 Systemair Sweden is the parent company of Fantech. This is where Fantech gains its stability and strength. Systemair has nearly 50 subsidiaries located across three continents. This makes the Sytemair Group the largest of all air movement companies worldwide.

Enjoy the performance and luxury that a Quiet Fantech Bathroom Fan brings.

Excellent flexibility in design and super quiet operation.
Never allow a noisy fan in your bathroom disturb your experience. Simply select a Fantech Premium Bath Fan that is very quiet and gives energy efficiency. These fans also prevent damages from mildew and mold.

A Higher Degree of Flexibility
 Fantech fan motors mount in an area away from your living space such as in an attic. Ceiling grilles are used that are small and inconspicuous. You can choose those that may have lights nor not. These can be placed in varying locations above your shower, toilet or tub. They are ducted to a remote fan to rapidly get rid of steam, moisture and even odors. One Fantech fan may be used in two bath to back baths for ventilation.

No matter what style of bathroom you are designing

As the trend to larger spa-like bathrooms continues to gain in popularity, the need for proper ventilation becomes more important. Quick removal of moisture at the source will keep your beautiful bath free of mold and the effects of extreme moisture.

Fantech has developed its Premium Bath Fans so that one remote mounted fan motor can effectively ventilate several areas of the bath.

Ceiling Grilles with or without Lights can be easily positioned over showers, whirlpool tubs, steam showers, toilet and vanity.

Premium Bath Fans with Single Grilles by Fantech

Easily clear the air in small powder rooms and baths.
 Mount a small grille in a location of the ceiling. Fan motor will be mounted in another location away from your living space. You will get ventilation that is quiet and powerful to provide protection to your home from moisture, mold, and steam damages.

Premium Bath Fan
110 CFM fan, one Ceiling Grille and grille housing
with damper. Uses 4" duct. Energy Star Qualified.
Premium Bath Fan
190 CFM fan, one Ceiling Grille, and grille housing with
damper. Uses 6" duct. Grille housing fits between 2 x 8
construction. Energy Star Qualified.

Fantech Premium Bath Fans with Dual Grilles

Oversized baths must have proper ventilation that is located in the correct area.

Large spa bathrooms are quickly becoming the trend. There is a great need for ventilation that is adequate in these bathrooms of larger size. Proper ventilation will rapidly remove moisture at the source. This keeps your bathroom mold free and from suffer the damages of excessive moisture.

Premium Bath Fans developed by Fantech are designed with one remote fan motor that is mounted to ventilate many areas of the bathroom. Ceiling Grilles with lights are put above showers, steam showers, whirlpool tubs, vanities and toilets.

Premium Bath Fan with Dual Grilles
270 CFM fan, two Ceiling Grilles, two grille housings
with dampers and Y-adapter (4x4x6). Uses 4" and 6"
duct. Energy Star Qualified.
High Performance Premium Bath Fan with Dual Grilles
370 CFM metal fan, two Ceiling Grilles, two grille
housings with dampers and Y-adapter (6x6x6).
Uses 6" duct. Grille housing fits between
2x8 construction. Energy Star Qualified.