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Flexible Plumbertool

Flexible Plumbertool has been in the commercial plumbing business for more than 70 years and creates equipment for plumbers that meets and exceeds all expectations. The difference is the weight-their products consist of the lightest weight equipment known and that makes a plumber's job easier. They design their products for industrial and commercial plumbers and businesses. Maneuvering heavier equipment under sinks, through venting systems, pipes, or under foundations is cumbersome and timely. Flexible Plumbertool develops supplies that are as reliable and long lasting as other brands, but whatever plumbing job needs to be done, they have the lightest, most ‘flexible' solution.

flexible plumbertool plumbing parts and supplies

Flexible Plumbertool Plumbing Parts and Supplies

Flexible Plumbertool Industrial Plumbing Supplies

Flexible Plumbertool offers industrial plumbing supplies for your commercial plumbing company. Their power drain cleaners, plumbing snakes, and other plumbing equipment are products designed to assist in all industrial plumbing companies.

For over 70 years Flexiable Plumbertools have been meeting plumber's performance expectations. Because of their constant plumbing supply product development, improvement and quality control, we are able to back our plumbing equipment with a 2 year warranty!

Flexible Plumbertool

Flexible Plumbertool makes the lightest commercial plumbing equipment supplies available, because heavier plumbing equipment doesn't mean better the equipment.

Flexible Plumbertool are the ONLY manufacturer to make an "Auto Feed" that works the way you think - Push handle forward, and the plumbing snake goes in. Pull handle back, and the plumbing snake comes out. - No need to remember whether up is in or down is out!

Whatever your job, Flexible Plumbertool have the machine or tool for you. Like there name, industrial plumbing snakes are "Flexible". Flexible Plumbertool also have the latest industrial plumbing supplies, such as Jets and Plumber's TV Inspection and Detection Units.

Small Drain Machines 1/2" - 2"

MICRO-ZAPPER : For runs 25 Feet or less, plumbers find the Micro Zapper, with a 1/4" basin head snake, ideal. It has the same electric motor and collet system as a full size Zapper. Choose the HAND HELD model, or for hands-free operation, add the ZAPPER-MATE. Aluminum Drum and Lexan Hand Shield.

Micro Zapper

ZAPPER : New 5 AMP Motor. Standard Hand Held or Rest Shield Model Holds 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" snakes to 35 feet. MOST POWERFUL IN ITS CLASS. EXCLUSIVE 2 YEAR GUARANTEE!! Get more details on the Flexible Plumbertool ZAPPER


Medium Drain Machines 1" - 3"

PRO-XL : For drains 1-1/4" to 3," the Large Drum Unit with 3/8" x 75' Snake is the answer to all but exceptional problems. For cleaning Drains with P traps (sinks, tubs and showers), the Narrow Drum with 1/4" x 50' Basin Head is the easiest to use, because all you hold is the snorkel with one hand, while feeding the snake in the line with the other.

Power on/off is controlled by the foot pedal. Either Drum is engaged to Power by pushing its axle into the Drum Hub of the Power Unit, and locking it in place with the spring loaded Drum Latch. The Drums are rotated by a 4 amp Universal Motor, set to run at speeds up to 325rpm.

Each unit includes an electric foot switch with 6' of cord and GFI that protects the user from electric shock.

The motor used for the PRO-XL is capable of slowing down and it is matched to the snake, so that when the snake encounters resistance going down through a bend- or in a difficult stoppage- instead of kinking the snake, the drum slows down. Get more details on the Flexible Plumbertool PRO-XL.


Pro-MR : Pro-MR is the most versatile unit for Medium duty drain cleaning. Choose from 1/2" or 3/8" snakes for up to 3" pipe size- Auto Feed. Exclusive 2 Year Guarantee!

All Models Equipped with "Auto Feed" that works the way you think-Push the handle forward and the snake goes into the drain-pull the handle back and the snake goes back in the drum-just the way it should be! Get more details on the Flexible Plumbertool Pro-MR.


Large Drain Machines 3" - 10"

Flexible Plumbertool PRO-F-100 FLEXI-CLEANER :

  • Our most powerful coiled rod machine. Major Duty For A Minor Price
  • No Root Too Tough, Ask A Plumber Who Owns One!
  • 3 H.P. Gasoline Driven Available


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