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CLEAN, POLISH, PROTECT, RESTORE - FLITZ HAS PRODUCTS TO HELP YOU DO THE JOB RIGHT. For over 30 years, Flitz has been a world leader in the manufacture of Premium Polishing Products. During that time, the Flitz brand has become known as "The Good Stuff." Ask any user why they buy our products and they will tell you, "Flitz just works the best".

flitz kitchen and bathroom

Flitz Kitchen and Bathroom

For all of your waxing, polishing and cleaning tasks, Flitz products are top of the line and bring satisfaction to users.

Flitz products can help in completing all of your cleaning, protecting, polishing and restoring jobs. For thirty years or more, Flitz has lead the world in producing Premium Polishing Products. Flitz has continually become known throughout the nation as The Good Stuff.

Flitz Faucet Cleaning
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