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Engineered for today's industrial environments.
Today's safe workplaces demand advanced emergency eye wash and shower equipment. Guardian Equipment is proud to offer the most complete selection of emergency equipment designed for industrial applications. These products are characterized by enhanced performance and superior durability.

All Guardian eye wash, eye/face wash and safety station units utilize the unique GS-Plus and FS-Plus spray heads. These spray heads represent a truly important innovation in eye wash technology.

GS-Plus and FS-Plus spray heads deliver water in a soft, wide spray rather than a solid, narrow stream. The user receives more water over a wider area than with any other type of outlet head. In an emergency, contaminants are rinsed away quickly, gently and completely.

These heads incorporate a variety of unique and important features:

"Flip Top" Dust Cover. Each spray head is protected against dust and dirt by a "flip top" cover. Water flow swings the cover off the head. The cover is permanently attached to the spray head by a stainless steel pin; the cover cannot be removed or lost. The cover nests into the top of the outlet head, assuring that the cover always stays on the head when the unit is not in use. An optional stainless steel cover is also available.

Consistent, Balanced Flow. An engineered flow control located inside the spray head is calibrated to deliver 1.8 (GS-Plus) or 3.2 (FS-Plus) gallons per minute, at pressures from 20 to 100 PSI. The flow is consistent, regardless of line pressure. Since each head contains an individual flow control, the flow is evenly balanced between the heads.

Filtered Water. Each spray head contains an internal filter to remove particles and debris from the water flow. During rinsing, the user's eyes and face are protected against any foreign matter which may be in the water or the plumbing lines.

Durability. The body and spray cover are molded from tough impact- and corrosion-resistant polypropylene. The dust cover is molded nylon. They will stand up to even the harshest laboratory environments.

Ease of Maintenance. Water often contains dissolved minerals and foreign matter which over time can clog up any outlet head. The GS-Plus and FS-Plus spray heads are designed so that all working components are contained in the head itself. All components are readily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. The unit itself should never need disassembly.