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Jet Swet

Jet Swets is a plumbing tool manufacturer located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They produce Jet Swets plug tools made from the best quality materials and designed by master plumbers themselves. Jet Swets are the preferred plumbing tool and although other companies have designed similar products, none can compare to or surpass this durable and reliable tool. For more than 20 years Jet Swets have found their way into plumber's tool boxes becoming the standard for all professionals.

jet swet plumbing tools

Jet Swet Plumbing Tools

When it comes to soldering pipes that have water in the line, Jet Swets is the original, professional tool of choice. It normally takes hours to adequately drain a water system to do any repair, and you can't solder a pipe with water still in it. Jet Swets are able to go straight into any water line system and immediately plug off the water to gain immediate control of the situation. Jet Swets are the original plug tool, and have been for over 20 years.

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