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Pullout Faucets
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Kohler Faucets, Sinks and Showers

Over the years, the Kohler Company has continued to function while remaining focused on their original vision. This vision is to build top of the line faucets, sinks and showers that define the industry with craftsmanship, ideas and technology. In order to complete their vision, Kohler works to deliver the highest degree of excellence to the plumbing industry. Kohler strives to improve the lives of their customers with exceptional products and services. With research and development, Kohler brings products to commercial and residential customers that provide savings in water. This industry leading company has a wide portfolio of products that conserve water such as faucets, toilets and urinals.

Kitchen Products by Kohler

In contemporary kitchens of today, style and functionality can be combined to create the perfect area. Kohler fixtures and plumbing products are a wise investment in any kitchen. There is a large selection of styles and designs to greatly complement any tastes in decor. Each product brings beauty and practicality to the kitchen.

Kohler Kitchen Faucets and Sinks

All Kohler faucets are put through meticulous testing. After a faucet is determined to be well built, color and finish are applied to give it a certain appeal and beauty. Each finish offered by Kohler exceeds the guidelines used in the industry by nearly 200 percent. There is Kohler faucets that are hand brushed or polished as well as those available in a bold palette of colors. All faucets are resistant to debris and hard water. Each faucet has a ceramic disc valve to control the flow of water in any temperature.

Installation of Kohler faucets is rather easy. These faucets have connections that are flexible. There is not a need for a great amount of tools. Kohler faucets are designed to save customers time, effort and money through simple installation.

Kohler employs design innovation that makes their products easy to install. Most kitchen faucets offer connections that are flexible to give mobility to connectors. Kohler faucet installation will save time, money and effort. Multiple tools are not needed to install a Kohler faucet.

Popular Kitchen Faucets by Kohler

Kohler Torq Kitchen Faucet
Kohler Simplice
  Kohler Parq
Kohler's Torq bridge faucet brings a contemporary edge to a traditional design. This unique faucet is accentuated by its dynamic curved spout. This spout accommodates even the tallest of pots and cookers. 
Kohler's Simplice kitchen faucet is sleekly designed. It brings clean lines and pristine elements with prized functionality and ergonomics.
Parq by Kohler is a traditional bridge faucet with sleek style elements. This faucet brings an appealing beauty while remaining easy to maintain and simple to clean. 
Kohler Forte
Kohler Vinnata
  Kohler Avatar
Kohler's Forte line of kitchen faucets brings a refined element of functionality to the kitchen. These faucets offer simple curves that greatly enhance the decor of any kitchen. Each faucet features a heightened spout and reach that gives additional space to work from the sink and extra space for filling pots.
Vinnata by Kohler is an amazing faucet with versatile usability. This great faucet features a spout with a high arch for filling larger pots easily. For your prep or bar sink, you can choose the 9" model or the ten inch model for use on a bark sink or prep sink.
Avatar by Kohler was produced and engineered to naturally fit your hand and wrist motion. This faucet features pull out spray and extreme comfort during use. Avatar is a great value faucet that out performs the competition. 

Bathroom Products by Kohler

For years, Kohler has been a popular selection in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Bathroom products by Kohler are available in a large assortment of styles, materials and colors that will blend easily with all types of bathroom decor.

Kohler Bathroom Faucets & Sinks

Popular Kohler Bathroom Faucets

Kohler Devonshire
Kohler Fairfax Bathroom Faucets
  Kohler Karbon
Kohler presents the Devonshire collection that boasts lever handles that are sculpted in a variety of beautiful finishes. Versatile Devonshire faucets have a unique style that makes them a popular choice with many residential customers. Devonshire faucets are designed to be easy to install while saving individuals time and money.
Kohler's Fiarfax faucet has a unique appearance that offers simple operation by a single handle. Traditional style is inspired by the early design. Graceful and flowing curves of the Fairfax make it a popular choice among many homeowners.
Kohler's Karbon bathroom faucet features two joints that pivot. You can direct water right where it needs to be making shaving, washing hands or clean up even easier. Karbon's functional spray head delivers a soft spary for grooming purposes or a stronger spray to rinse your sink basin. This faucet is available in a variety of finishes and can be deck or wall mounted. Karbon by Kohler is environmentally friendly and saves up to 15,000 gallons of water each use. Karbon has been given the EPA's Water Sense label.
Kohler Memoirs
Kohler Purist Bathroom Faucets
  Kohler Archer Widespread Bathroom Faucet
Memoirs faucet by Kohler combines an elegant appearance and unique design. It offers clean flowing lines in a spout that is transitional. Faceted lever handles add to the overall great looks of the Memoirs.
Kohler's Purist faucet features design elements that are sensual. Great attention to detail and unique forms are combined to make this amazing faucet. With its simple design, Purist shows a classic amount of modern style to give visual appeal to your bathroom decor.
The universal style of the Archer Suite blends subtle design elements found in Craftsman furniture with the intricate facets of jewelry. This widespread Archer faucet combines smooth laminar water delivery with easy-to-clean and leak-free UltraGlide valves for precise water control.