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Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Little Giant Pump Company is a superior leader in supplying automatic drainage pumps. These pumps are used to remove condensation from equipment in refrigeration and air conditioning. Pumps automatically drain water from condensing heaters, dehumidifiers, boilers and furnace burners. Condensate pumps by Little Giant are globally known to have the highest quality of construction and design. This is due to over fifty years of experience in the area of designing and manufacturing pumps. Little Giant Pump Company additionally manufactures sewage pumps, submersible drainage pumps used in industrial equipment and magnetic drive chemical pumps as well as a vast array of products for use in decorative fountains and garden ponds.

The Little Giant brand specializes in the water transfer market with products including wastewater, sump, sewage, effluent, dewatering, condensate, magnetic drive, and utility pumps; as well as low pressure sewer systems, and water garden pumps and products.

Little Giant products allow for moving great volumes of water efficiently and trouble free. You can select from automatic models or those that work manually. There are a variety of switch configurations for pumps that can be used in basements, excavation, underground passageways, crawl spaces, construction sites, loading docks, cooling towers, grain elevators, fire cleanup and many other applications that may need a very large volume of water removed.

Little Giant Dewatering

Little Giant has pumps that are very lightweight and easily portable. Many of these have self priming and siphon similar action. You can use these pumps for draining water heaters and aquariums, emptying waterbeds, pumping out a flooded basement, transferring water to a recreational vehicle and pumping out stock tanks. Little Giant pumps can be used in any instance where transferring water is required.

Little Giant Transfer Pumps

Little Giant sump pumps will efficiently provide service that is trouble free while moving large amounts of water. There are automatic and manual models that have thermal overload protection. These have an epoxy coated cast iron housing as well as motor housing that is oil filled. These sump pumps are perfect for use in basements, underground applications, grain elevators, cooling towers, excavation, loading docks and fire cleanup. Little Giant pumps are the best choice for any application where a great amount of water must be transferred.

Little Giant Sump Pumps

Little Giant Effluent Pumps are engineered to sufficiently handle tasks that are demanding and tough when transferring effluent wastes. These pumps have a high efficiency and will remain dependable for a long time. Effluent pumps are ideal for residential, industrial, agricultural and commercial use that is light to medium in transfer demand. This would include the handling of effluent waste, dewatering and wastewater. When materials are required to be transferred upward away from an area of collection into a drainage area, sewer or septic line, Little Giant has just the right product to handle the job perfectly.

Little Giant Effluent Pumps

Sewage pumps by Little Giant were designed to thoroughly handle any task that is hard and demanding in the transfer of effluent and sewage waste. These pumps are great for use in industrial, residential, agricultural and commercial applications when light to medium transfer is needed. Little Giant sewage pumps can handle dewatering, wastewater, effluent waste and sewage where materials must be transferred upward away from the area of collection to areas for drainage or sewer or septic lines.

Little Giant Sewage Pumps

The GP Series is the latest addition of the Franklin Electric Water Transfer Systems. It is a 2 horsepower submersible grinder pump line. Pumps in this line can be selected in an automatic or manual model of 230 volt or 208 volt single phase versions. These new pumps are very heavy duty. They are capacitor start and have capacitor run motors that have upper and lower single row ball bearings. These also have a short shaft design that will reduce shaft deflection which will improve the grinding and keep cutters sharp. This series of centrifugal grinder pumps are great for use in light commercial application as well as residential low pressure sewer systems.

Little Giant Grinder Pumps

Regardless of if you are ordering, selling, specifying or installing a home or residential grinder system, you will find that Little Giant Pump Company has exactly the system needed. Quick to Install or QTI Package systems are available to you pre-assembled. These have control float switches, junction box, EZ out rail system, float bracket, ball check valve and ball valve.

Little Giant QTI Grinder Systems

Little Giant has a line of Evaporative Cooler Pumps that are non-submersible. These are designed to last for years of trouble free service. This type of pump is used in re-circulating applications to replace units in original equipment. They can also be used in displays, evaporative coolers, water transfer, laboratories and many other applications.

Little Giant Evaporative Cooler Pumps