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Maglite Flashlights

maglite plumbing tools

Maglite Plumbing Tools

Maglite General Benefits and Features:
-All Mag® flashlights are designed, patented and manufactured in the U.S.A. Some Mag® products contain imported components or subcomponents.
-Chosen by professionals worldwide
-Limited Lifetime Warranty in the Western Hemisphere and Japan; Ten-Year Limited Warranty Elsewhere.
-Precision machined high-strength aluminum alloy case
-Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance and durability
-Water and shock resistant
-High-intensity adjustable spot-to-flood beam with a twist of the wrist
-High-grade rubber seals in every size flashlight
-Design balanced optics and power for improved performance
-Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap (except in Mini Maglite® LED flashlights)
-Mini Maglite® flashlight converts quickly to a free standing candle mode
-The distinctive shapes, styles and overall appearances of all Mag® flashlights, and the circumferential inscriptions extending around the heads of all Mag® flashlights are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc. The circumferential inscription on the head of every flashlight signifies that it is an original Mag® flashlight and part of the Mag® family of flashlights. U.S. Trademark Registrations for the shape, style and overall appearance trademarks of Mag® flashlights and for circumferential inscription trademarks of Mag® flashlights include Nos. 1,808,998; 2,074,795; 2,687,693; 2,745,460; 2,765,978 and 2,765,979.

Maglite flashlights are the preferred flashlight among professionals worldwide. Although some components or subcomponents are imported, this superior flashlight was designed, patented and currently manufactured only in the U.S.A. Maglite flashlights are made with a accurate machined extra strength aluminum alloy case that is water and shock resistant. The case is also corrosion resistance and durable due to the addition of anodized inside and out to enhance longevity. High quality rubber seals are installed in every size of the Maglite flashlight to ensure against water leaks. These rubber seals also aide in absorbing shock to prevent damage should the flashlight meet with an accident. With a simple twist, the Maglite boast an adjustable beam for precision lighting and features model balanced optics and power for enhanced performance. All Maglite flashlights, with the exception of the LED Mini Maglite, feature a spare lamp secured stored inside the bottom piece. With a spare lamp always on hand you can rest assured that your Maglite is ready to shine when needed.  A special feature of the Mini Maglite flashlight, a standing mode, allows the user to be hands free while benefiting from the light source. Maglite flashlights are stylish with unique shapes, which make them extra desirable for their appearance in addition to their high performance and reliability. There is never a need to wonder if your Maglite is original, just look for the U.S. patented trademark embedded on the head of each flashlight.  In addition to all the untouchable features of the Maglite flashlight, a ten-year limited warranty (certain regions may be covered with a lifetime-limited warrant) is included with each purchase.

Maglite Flashlight
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